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It’s still the early stages of the 2024 campaign season, but President Trump is already gaining momentum. He’s leading in most polls and is surpassing both his chief GOP rival Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden. Interestingly, recent polling indicates that Trump is garnering significant support from women, which has caught the attention of Fox News.

In this latest hypothetical matchup, Trump leads Biden by a whopping 7 points. However, when it’s Biden vs DeSantis, Biden wins by about 4 points.

One of the best pollsters out there, Richard Baris of “People’s Pundit”, conducted the poll of 3,032 voters in Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The results of the poll shocked a lot of people, because the mainstream media’s narrative has always been that Trump can’t connect with women voters.

So, why are women flocking to Trump? It’s simple really — they want the country to go back to the way it was under his strong and competent leadership: safe, secure, peaceful and prosperous.

These are things women appreciate and yearn for, wether they’ll admit or not.

Fox News explored more on this fascinating topic.

While President Trump’s “mean tweets” might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to deny his red-hot economy. During his time in office, many people appreciated the lower costs of  food, utilities, and housing. Additionally, there was a sense of relief knowing that we didn’t have to worry about an erratic buffoon triggering World War III.

It’s important for women to recognize that personal feelings towards their “boss” shouldn’t overshadow the boss’s ability to manage and safeguard the company — or in this case the country. Sometimes, women have to learn the hard way that competence and performance take precedence over personal likability. Besides, in all honesty, there’s not much to really like about Joe Biden; he’s always been an arrogant blowhard and now he’s also a cranky old geezer to boot.