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There’s a theory going around that women in the workplace are wreaking havoc wherever they go as they relentlessly push their emotions and personal perspectives onto everyone around them. We’ve seen the type of damage all-female marketing and PR teams have done to companies like Bud Light and Miller Lite, and others. But what about the judiciary? Is the female wrecking ball about to demolish what’s left of our failing judicial system?

That’s what Helen Andrews, senior editor at The American Conservative said about females dominating the legal profession.

Helen is referring to a recent New York City case involving an all-female legal team and their client who took on high-end gym Equinox and won in a case that many argue should have never made it to trial in the first place.

It’s hard to fathom how someone could be consistently late to their job almost 50 times within a span of 10 short months and still be rewarded with an astonishing $11 million payout. Only in America would this level of foolishness fly.

Daily Mail:

High-end gym chain Equinox has been ordered to pay $11.25 million to one of their former trainers after her lawyers convinced a New York jury that her firing was racially motivated and not because she showed up for work late 47 times.

In the jury trial, Robynn Europe, 39, did not contest Equinox’s allegations about her tardiness but said other trainers who were late a similar amount of times were not punished, reports the New York Times.

Online records show that Europe lives close to the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, New York, the southern-most tip of the borough. It’s around 17 miles to the Equinox gym, located on 92nd street in the affluent Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

It appears the jury gave Ms. Europe a pass for being late nearly 50 times because she supposedly lived “far” away from work. Apparently, getting up earlier wasn’t an option for Ms. Europe, must be nice.

The plaintiff also claimed she was racially profiled and targeted, and says that was the real reason she was fired, not because she refused to show up on time.

The jury found that Europe, a former professional bodybuilder, had been subjected to a hostile work environment and unlawfully fired her on the basis of both her race and gender.

Europe testified that a manager who reported to her, Christopher Maltman, often made vulgar comments about black women’s bodies, diverted personal training clients away from employees of color and regularly harassed staff with offensive language.

Ms. Europe was represented in the trial by “Crumiller,” known as a militant feminist litigation firm. Here they are, all “smiles and joy” with their client Robynn. Can you believe it? Have you ever seen a more miserable-looking group of people? There’s no genuine happiness or vibrancy, just a hollow emptiness that’s impossible to ignore.

Look into these faces and shudder:


Talk about the “Innsmouth look”.

The truth is, Equinox didn’t stand a chance in this era of militant feminism and minority coddling. From the beginning, Equinox faced significant challenges going up against this female-driven ideology, and they were doomed from the get-go. This case highlights a concerning issue within the current progressive judicial system which seems to prioritize social justice over impartial justice.

Perhaps we can call this “female jurisprudence”?