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The upcoming 2024 election brings both excitement and hope, but it also carries a fair share of apprehension and anxiety due to the current state of our U.S. elections. The American people no longer trust the system, thanks to midnight ballot counting behind blacked out windows.

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The good news is that President Trump isn’t shying away from ballot harvesting and ballot curing, two unfortunate interracial parts of our “new” election system. Trump knows better than anyone that if we don’t beat Dems at their own game, we’ll keep losing elections in the middle of the night behind closed doors.

Trump is laser-focused on becoming the best “ballot harvesters” in the business.

Washigton Times:

The Trump campaign is taking on Democrats’ ballot-harvesting in key battleground states where billionaire liberal activist George Soros’ groups are spending tens of millions targeting to energize President Biden’s base.

“We recently alerted you that a Soros-linked Super PAC has begun targeting 6 battleground states with a $75 MILLION spending blitz to buy Crooked Joe the White House,” the campaign said in a fundraising email Thursday. “But there’s something important we want to add … some of those states have legalized BALLOT HARVESTING.”

The campaign highlighted the Soros-linked effort in battleground states Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Is this situation ideal? No. In an normal country, one wouldn’t need to resort to these extreme measures to ensure a fair election. However, until we’re able to dismantle the cheating apparatus installed by Dems during the so-called “COVID pandemic,” we have no choice but to master the art of ballot harvesting and curing.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are outraged over what happened in 2020 and 2024, but their concerns are written off as “conspiracy theories” and “election denial.” So, as we head into 2024, the media and establishment politicians want to steer clear of election integrity talk.

However, thanks to RFK Jr. they won’t be able to.

RFK has lit a fire and placed election integrity at the forefront this campaign season. He’s not only presented a strong argument but has also shown a genuine desire to implement a system that instills confidence in every American, that their votes are lawfully counted. Here’s what RFK Jr. said in his tweet thread:

Most Democrats agree that the 2001 election was stolen from Al Gore. In 2005, I wrote an award-winning article for Rolling Stone showing how the deceptive use of Diebold voting machines in six Ohio counties constituted massive and consequential election fraud, possibly stealing the victory from John Kerry. In 2016, Hillary Clinton complained that election fraud had derailed her path to victory. And in 2016 and 2020, Bernie Sanders supporters felt that the election had been rigged against their candidate. Many of Donald Trump supporters rightly or wrongly believe that the 2020 election was also stolen.

It serves no point to keep arguing over the integrity of past elections. The important thing, that we can all agree on, is the project of implementing an impervious and trustworthy election system.

How hard can it be? Los Vegas’s whole gambling industry depends on counting machines that never make mistakes. There are ATM machines on every city corner that never give you more money than you ask for. As a world leader in technology, I am sure we can create a voting system that people can trust.

Without 100% transparent and accurate elections, there will always be a fundamental doubt about whether elections actually embody the people’s will. When votes are tabulated by hidden algorithms inside black boxes, inaccessible to third-party verification, there will always be questions and doubts. #Kennedy24

RFK Jr.’s comparison of voting to operating slot machines in Las Vegas is brilliant. While the outcome of electing a president or lawmakers holds far greater significance than pulling a slot lever, it is ironic that more attention and care are given to the functioning of slot machines than our elections.

RFK Jr. shedding light on this “controversial” matter demonstrates that it transcends mere allegiance to MAGA. It is an issue that demands the support of every law-abiding American. Without fair elections, we aren’t a serious country.