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Fox News might have always been more of a globalist than a patriotic news company, but when Roger Ailes left Fox News it signified something even worse: the end of the network’s conservative era — an era that strongly aligned with patriotic, hardworking Americans. With Ailes’ departure, the network transformed under the leadership of the the Murdochs and influential globalist board members such as Paul Ryan, fully aligning itself with the establishment and progressive ideology.

Roger Ailes’ widow Elizabeth came out recently and slammed the Murdochs for how they’v destroyed Fox News in 6 short years.

At this rate, some would argue that Fox News is an “enemy of the people” just like CNN and other mainstream media outlets. What we’re now discovering about Fox News confirms that belief, and it reveals the extent to which Fox has embraced progressive ideals. The situation at Fox News has deteriorated to the point where they are now protecting the trans cult and forbidding hosts from criticizing transvestite Dylan Mulvaney; the gender-bender who brought down a beer empire.

The Daily Signal:

A source who still works at Fox News told The Daily Signal that after Carlson’s show was canceled in April, producers for the new 8 p.m. “Fox News Tonight” program were told not to bash Mulvaney. That directive came from high-level executives, the source said.

Before this company-wide ban on bashing the trans cult, Fox News brass attempted to prevent Tucker Carlson from addressing the aggressive and dangerous trans movement, according to an eye-opening new report.

Daily Signal:

When trans-identifying TikTok star Mulvaney was first gaining prominence last year, producers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” had to fight to be able to refer to Mulvaney with male pronouns in the show’s chyrons,” the former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” producer told The Daily Signal.

Matt Walsh, an outspoken anti-trans critic and writer for Daily Wire has also been blackballed from Fox News since Tucker’s firing.

Carlson’s team also fought to be able to host The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh on trans issues, the producer said, but the team was repeatedly met with resistance from Fox on this due to Walsh’s frank condemnation of transgender ideology. This may have also been due in part to Fox’s view of The Daily Wire as a competitor, the former producer suggested.

Matt says Fox News refuses to have him on after he called them out for “celebrating” a child who transitioned.

In a phone interview with The Daily Signal, Walsh said he was aware of the alleged blacklisting and believes it began after he slammed Fox for the June 2022 segment praising a child’s gender transition. Since then, Walsh appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” a few times, but he was aware that Carlson’s team had to fight for these appearances.

Meanwhile, Fox News continues to struggle in the ratings after firing Tucker Carlson.

The New York Times:

Newsmax, the niche conservative news channel that has long played David to Fox News’s Goliath, has seized on Tucker Carlson’s shock dismissal from its rival network and declared itself the true TV home for right-wing Americans.

So far, the strategy is showing some promise.

Viewership of Newsmax remains far below that of Fox News. But its audience at certain hours has doubled, and in some time slots tripled, in the immediate aftermath of Mr. Carlson’s exit — an abrupt spike that has turned heads in conservative circles and the cable news industry.

On Monday evening, Eric Bolling’s 8 p.m. Newsmax program drew 531,000 viewers, according to Nielsen. One week earlier, it had 146,000. On Tuesday, Mr. Bolling’s audience grew to 562,000 viewers, equal to about 80 percent of Anderson Cooper’s CNN viewership that evening. Newsmax’s other prime-time shows also experienced big jumps.

The sharp rise in viewership can be timed almost to the minute of Fox News’s announcement on Monday that it was parting ways with Mr. Carlson, in part because of private messages sent by the anchor that included offensive and crude remarks.

While Tucker’s firing was bad and viewers should boycott the network, their stance on the trans cult is even worse. Fox News’ support and celebration of the transgender movement, especially when it comes to kids, should be a significant enough reason for every conservative to say “enough” and switch the channel.