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The dark, dank and dangerous New York City subway is back in the news thanks to the recent death of a Jordan Neely — a violent, mentally ill career criminal who terrorized commuters for at least a decade.

Neely had a plan to get arrested and return to jail just so he could have a place to eat and sleep. Neely went berserk on the subway, causing terror among the passengers. Fortunately, a former Marine named Daniel Penny stepped in as a good Samaritan and managed to subdue Neely, who died while he was being restrained.

For over a decade Neely, a so-called Michael Jackson impersonator, made commuting a nightmare for subway riders. He would verbally abuse passengers and intimidate them into giving him money. Back in 2013 Reddit users made a thread about him, warning subway riders to steer clear of him. Neely had a rap sheet that was a mile long — he once punched an elderly woman in the face and rather than addressing the epidemic of mentally ill schizophrenic drug-addicted criminals terrorizing the law-abiding population and acknowledging the reality that Neely got his just desserts, Democrats are attacking the Good Samaritan who heroically subdued this madman. We can only conclude that the left wants the public to accept violence, filth, and harassment as a “normal” part of public transport and urban life.

The left’s excuse that urban violence and decay is just a normal part of living in a big city doesn’t hold up when we look at the fact that it’s mainly happening in cities that are run by liberal Democrats in the United States.

Ever since the day Bill de Blasio assumed the office of mayor, the NYC subway has sunk back into a hellhole of darkness and depression reminiscent of the 1980s. It’s where light and happiness goes to die.

Business Insider:

For the examination, Stringer’s office took a look at 33 subway stations over a year-long period. He called the terrible physical appearance of stations “a daily, stomach-turning insult to millions of straphangers … unworthy of a world-class city.”

The report enumerated two big problems with the subway: peeling paint and trash as far as the eye can see.

The reasons Stringer found as to why the stations are so dirty are a bit more complex than it just not being cleaned enough — though that is part of it. Frequent equipment breakdowns and not enough hands on deck are the chief causes.

The problem is that liberals want to appear sympathetic to the downtrodden, but they’re actually coddling criminals, minorities, and people with perverted tendencies. Plus, their “wokeness” only makes them blind to the bigger picture. The “George Floyd effect” has led some people on the left to believe that black people should be immune from law enforcement. This thinking is insane, as black people are human just like everybody else, and need to be held just as accountable as everybody else. It’s also ridiculous to think that individuals with mental health issues cannot be institutionalized, or that criminals should be allowed to roam free.

As a result of the left’s twisted ideology and failed polices, stepping onto an NYC subway is like taking your life into your own hands — it’s a dangerous gamble that many people are forced to take every day.

This brutal subway fight nearly ended in tragedy.

In NYC it’s become “normal” to watch a woman get bloodied and battered during an afternoon commute.

This looks like a UFC cage fight, not a subway train.

And if you’re not getting beaten to a pulp on a city subway, you’re likely to be sitting or standing in utter filth and decay.

This poor fella is probably just trying to get to work. He should’ve worn a hazmat suit.

Here are some top-notch citizens sleeping off God-knows-what…

Imagine waiting on this third-world-looking platform for your morning subway train.

Notably, these same dangerous, filthy, and depressing conditions don’t exist in other big cities around the world. We scoured the internet and found photos of ten subway systems from around the globe, and you’ll be amazed at how distinctly different they are from NYC’s subway experience.


The fashion capitol of the world is busy, but still manages to transport commuters in clean, safe style.

The metro station looks like a runway.


Are those velvet seats?


The blue and glass colors make for a very relaxing vibe in Munich.

When you’re on the go, you want something that’s calming and comforting, and that’s exactly what this provides.


While some Americans may view Russia as a dull and dreary place, their subway system is anything but. In fact, it’s so impressive that it makes the U.S. subway look like a very dirty and rickety kiddie ride in comparison. Think Hogwarts on steroids.

Moscow has 7 stunning stations.


When you’re in Dubai, it’s hard to distinguish whether you’re walking into an art gallery or a metro station, as both are equally impressive.

Dubai Metro's Expo 2020 station to open on June 1

It’s dazzling.

Dubai has an underwater train.


Lisbon may not be fancy, but it shows how an older-looking train can still be clean and welcoming for passengers.


It’s bright, cheerful, and wonderfully artistic.


You could eat off the floor on a Singapore subway.

Singapore has one of the best operations out there.


The platform and the trains literally sparkle.

The Tokyo metro system is renowned for its cleanliness, safety, and remarkable punctuality.

North Korea:

Sure, no one in their right mind wants to live in North Korea, but if we’re going to live in a dystopian tyranny anyway, can we at least have clean subways like they do?

It would be remiss not to give a shout-out to the Chinese for their incredible achievement in the realm of rail travel. They have constructed a true masterpiece that deserves recognition.


When you take a look at the subways in other countries, it’s hard not to be impressed. They’re beautiful, safe, and well-designed, making the subway systems in the US look absolutely dismal by comparison.

Americans’ parochialism is now being used as a weapon. It is critical Americans pay attention to such standards in other countries and also to the past to avoid being lulled into a sense that it’s always been this way and always has to be this way. There’s no reason China, Europe, Singapore, Japan, et cetera should have superior infrastructure to us.

If the rampant decay, depression, and filth in our cities don’t convince the population that we need to prioritize America first, it’s hard to imagine what will.