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Retail chain Target has faced significant backlash from conservative customers due to their recent launch of a sexually-driven “pride collection” aimed at kids. Making matters worse, Target featured products created by a trans artist known for promoting Satanism on social media. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, more “stuff” hits the fan. As the boycott heats up, a leaked memo intended for Target employees only, has just surfaced, triggering further criticism online, after the folks inside target referred to anyone who’s uncomfortable with their creepy pride collection as “extremists.”

What Target did with this memo was insult millions of moms — their main consumer base. What a disaster.

Here’s a closeup of the memo:


This “extremist” nonsense is a typical left-wing response to anybody who doesn’t agree with their twisted ideology, and Target is definitely being run by radical leftists.

Speaking of “extremists,” Target should tone down the social activism and politics and focus on their core business of selling regular clothes, birthday cards, and shampoo. Otherwise, they risk jeopardizing their entire enterprise.