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If there was a dog catcher election, Joe Biden would lose, even with an army of ballot harvesters working overtime. He’d still get crushed. That’s how terrible things are for the disgraced president. As a matter of fact, things are so dire that Jake Tapper is running out of negative adjectives to describe the disaster unfolding for Joe. He just keeps repeating this one word: “horrible.”

There’s a new CNN poll out and it’s devastating news for Biden. According to the poll, a huge 66 percent of Americans think that if Biden gets reelected, the country will suffer a setback at best and a complete disaster at worst.

Apparently, “bUiLd bAcK bEtTeR” didn’t go quite as planned. And poor ol’ Jake Tapper just stares into the abyss and mumbles, “Horrible. It’s horrible for Joe Biden…” He can’t believe what’s happening to his guy.

The big question on everyone’s mind now is: What’s the Democrats’ next move? They can’t possibly go into 2024 carrying this burden, as even the staunchest election fraud deniers won’t be convinced that Biden won fairly, no matter how much they try to cheat. So, do they demand his resignation or find a way to remove him?

Either way, it’s clear that things are about to get incredibly interesting,