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With the departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, there are not many people remaining in the mass media who understand the unique bond between Donald Trump and his supporters. It’s important to recognize that this connection is far from a cult-like following or an obsession bordering on the bizarre. In reality, it stems from trust, unwavering loyalty, genuine love, and profound appreciation for a man who, despite having countless other paths available, has chosen to fight for the “forgotten American.” Trump is willing to take on the fight, putting everything on the line — his family, his wealth, and even his personal freedom — to be the unwavering voice for the struggling middle class.

There’s one mass media figure who fully understands that very special bond in a way that nobody else does, and that person is Megyn Kelly. It may be shocking that she “gets it,” but she does. Megyn recently spoke out about DeSantis entering the race during her podcast. She basically laid out why Ron faces an uphill battle against President Trump, no matter how “based” his policies are.

The bottom line is that he it will be very difficult to break the unique and powerful bond Trump has forged with his base.

The problem with many media folks, establishment politicians, and left-wing zealots is that they never truly grasped the Trump movement and the relationship between him and his supporters. Instead of taking the time to understand it, they opted for the easy route of labeling it as “racist” and dismissing it.

And now they’re puzzled as to why he continues to remain influential, despite their efforts to silence him. If they had made an effort to comprehend the real dynamics at play, rather than fabricating tales of Nazis, they would have a much clearer understanding today.

Maybe these confused souls should listen to this Megyn Kelly clip, because honestly, she nailed it.