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The Bud Light saga is still ongoing, and the brand is desperately trying to win back the loyalty of its customers. Unfortunately, their efforts haven’t been successful, and things have gotten so bad that they can’t even give the beer away for free.

Revolver recently covered a story about a very interesting social experiment involving Bud Light. The premise was: can you get people to drink Bud Light if you give it away for free? The results were devastating for the struggling beer company. It turns out that consumers are actively avoiding the brand like the plague, free or not – they can’t give the beer away…

This is a major blow for any company, and it could be the “kiss of death.” Thanks to one disastrous marketing campaign, Bud Light now carries a “stigma” that may last for years.

WATCH: Free beer experiment doesn’t go well for Bud Light…

It also doesn’t help that Bud Light has quickly become the butt of every joke on the internet. We scoured around and found some of the funniest memes and parody videos online.

Let’s kick things off with everybody’s favorite communist dictator, Justin Trudeau. The perfect spokesman for Bud Light.

The Joker has a message for Bud Light:

Look how far we’ve fallen in 21 years. From beautiful real women to little boys playing dress up.

Turns out that Bud Light actually predicted their fate eons ago in this commercial.

Here’s one that’ll have you spitting out your coffee:

Bug Light could take some marketing lessons from Al Bundy.

Our favorite – watch until the very end.

These Bud Light memes and video parodies were hilarious! We can’t stop laughing, but it looks like Bud Light might be shedding some tears in their own beer.