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Black Lives Matter’s main organization has landed in some very serious financial trouble — it’s saddled with a whopping $8.5 million debt from the previous year. The irony lies in the fact that while they were facing financial hardship, some of their staff members were receiving incredibly high salaries, reaching seven figures. It’s quite a paradox that an organization that stands for the betterment of “black lives” is now facing possible bankruptcy due to mismanagement of funds.

Daily Mail:

Financial disclosures obtained by The Washington Free Beacon show the perilous state of BLM’s Global Network Foundation, which officially emerged in November 2020, as a more formal way of structuring the civil rights movement.

Yet despite the financial controversy and scrutiny, BLM GNF continued to hire relatives of the founder, Patrisse Cullors, and several board members.

Cullors’ brother, Paul Cullors, set up two companies which were paid $1.6 million providing ‘professional security services’ for Black Lives Matter in 2022.

It looks like Patrice and her family were using BLM as their private piggy bank. I guess their black lives were the only ones that mattered, eh?

Paul Cullors was also one of BLM’s only two paid employees during the year, collecting a $126,000 salary as ‘head of security’ on top of his consulting fees. He is best known as a graffiti artist, with no background in security.

Patrisse Cullors defended hiring him, saying registered security firms which hired former police officers could not be trusted, given the movement’s opposition to police brutality.

For the previous year, 2021, tax filings revealed that BLM paid a company owned by Damon Turner, the father of Cullors’ child, nearly $970,000 to help ‘produce live events’ and provide other ‘creative services.’

Cullors resigned in May 2021.

‘While Patrisse Cullors was forced to resign due to charges of using BLM’s funds for her personal use, it looks like she’s still keeping it all in the family,’ said Paul Kamenar, an attorney for the National Legal and Policy Center watchdog group.

The woman who took over for Patrice wasn’t much better. She and her friends and family also had their hands in the cookie jar.

Shalomyah Bowers, who took over from Cullors when she resigned, also benefitted handsomely from the group: in 2022, his consultancy firm was paid $1.7 million for management and consulting services, the Free Beacon reported.

And the sister of former Black Lives Matter board member Raymond Howard was also employed in a lucrative role as a consultant.

Sadly, the cycle of grifting and pilfering continued incessantly, leaving nothing in its wake, and to make matters worse, no meaningful assistance ever reached the black lives that really needed help the most.

However, this turn of events isn’t a shock to many people and raises serious questions about how some black Americans would handle any  substantial windfall in the form of reparations.

Some speculate that a vast majority would be broke in no time.

It seems as if comedian Dave Chappelle actually came up with this very theory twenty years ago. This hilarious skit from 2003 says it all.

Amidst all the laughter from that Chappelle skit, it also cleverly manages to capture some undeniable truths that most people will be too scared to even talk about…