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Kari Lake just delivered an incredibly powerful presidential endorsement that you won’t want to miss. Her signature smooth style was on full display as she skillfully exposed the RINOs who are trying to obstruct her and President Trump.

Kari revealed that it wasn’t the Dems who sabotaged her run for Arizona governor. It was actually the RINOs who were hell-bent on stopping her and labeled her an “election denier” for calling out the 2020 election sham. Kari explained that in the end, it wasn’t just her they wanted to stop, but the entire Trump America First movement and everything it represents.

An outsider like Trump is the only one who can dismantle Biden’s North Korea-like regime and protect the J6 defendants, and they know it.

And that’s why Kari supports and endorses Trump now more than ever. She believes that the RINOs are attempting to revert us to the status quo by promoting candidates like Haley, DeSantis, and Scott.

This is one of the best endorsements you’ll ever hear.

Kari, a highly skilled and artful communicator, summed it up perfectly. They want to market the “Trump movement” without Trump. However, Kari believes that the reality is quite different: anyone other than Trump is a win for the establishment.