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Black people in America have been programmed by the system to believe that there is a racist bogeyman hiding around every corner. There are several underlying factors that contribute to this “bogeyman” fear within the black community, especially regarding law enforcement. The most obvious influence comes from ridiculous and false race-driven mainstream media narratives.

Who can forget the widely circulated narrative of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” that, despite lacking evidence, was propagated by CNN, MSNBC, and various mainstream media platforms? To this day, there are millions of people who still think that actually happened.

Katie Pavlich on Twitter: "When CNN continued the bogus "hands up don't shoot" lie after everyone knew it wasn't true #tbt" / Twitter

In addition, the “Very Fine People” hoax is another infamous race-lie perpetuated by the media and Joe Biden in order to make President Trump look like a “racist bogeyman.”

This is what President Trump actually said.

The media loves spreading fake news and bogus info when it comes to stories about race. Makes you wonder if they’re trying to ignite a “race war,” right?

However, it’s not just the media who’s whipping the black community into a frenzy, it’s also left-wing analysis of specific cases, political ideology, and race hucksters like Al Sharpton that are driving forces behind this fear-based chaos.

Speaking of Al Sharpton, he lashed out against the Marine Subway Hero during the funeral of Jordan Neely, the violent, mentally ill homeless man who had been terrorizing subway commuters for more than ten years. Al is once again promoting the familiar “racist bogeyman” narrative.


Rev. Al Sharpton, a renowned civil rights activist who has spoken at the funerals of other murdered Black men, including George Floyd in June 2020 and Tyre Nichols in February 2023, delivered a eulogy for Neely, saying his life should be celebrated, but “we should not ignore how he died.”

Sharpton argued that Daniel Penny, who was recorded choking Neely to death in a four-minute video, did not act in self-defense because he came at Neely from behind, and lambasted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for calling Penny a “Good Samaritan.”

He criticized police for releasing Penny immediately after he turned himself in, saying if it had been a Black man who killed a white man, “they would not have let that guy leave the precinct that night.”

However, it’s the media who has played the biggest role in creating, shaping, and fostering these fears. The black community has been placed under an all-out media blitz that perpetuates the notion of pervasive racism for decades. This constant exposure to such negative, race-bating messaging leads to heightened paranoia and the belief that evil white people are everywhere.

So, what happens when the media’s race-driven storyline gets totally blown to bits? Well, that’s exactly what happened in an intriguing case out of Illinois involving a “neo-Nazi” cop who turned out to have a secret history of posting bigoted material on the internet. The officer’s name is Aaron Paul Nichols, and a look into his social media past uncovered something disturbing.

Washington Post:

Aaron Paul Nichols, an officer with 18 years’ service who also had served for two decades as a U.S. military reservist. Anonymous activists had released an online report unmasking Nichols as a white supremacist behind tens of thousands of social media posts seething with hate.

Because of the timing — April 1, 2022 — Scarlette wondered for a second whether this was an April Fools’ prank on the new boss. He had been sworn in just six weeks before. But the details in the exposé left no doubt. As Scarlette read one damning revelation after another, it began to sink in that the Officer Nichols he knew as an even-tempered professional had a secret life spreading neo-Nazi beliefs.

“We’ve got to handle this right now,” he recalled thinking.

Within four hours, Nichols was summoned to a meeting in the chief’s office, where senior officers and police union leaders already had assembled. Scarlette said he had prayed about how to respond and felt certain about his decision when an unrepentant Nichols showed up with “a proud look on his face that made my blood boil.” Officials in the room said Nichols did not deny writing the posts.

The left thought for sure that they found their real-life bogeyman.

The Officer Nichols who showed up for his shifts every day was a quiet loner with a burly frame and graying hair that made him look older than his 46 years. He was a reliable patrol officer but no standout, several former colleagues said, recalling him as more likely to be guarding the perimeter than charging into a volatile situation.

On occasion, Nichols, a married father of three, showed flashes of right-wing politics but nothing out of the ordinary for his conservative police milieu, officers said.
“It was more like conspiracy-theory-type stuff. That was the vibe I got,” said Tami Russell, the president of the Springfield police union and a longtime officer who has worked alongside Nichols.

Off duty, however, there was another version of Nichols. This one thrived online as a racist troll whose user names referred to Nazi ideology. He defended Adolf Hitler in several posts and once wrote: “If I found a genie and I had one wish? The jews would be a distant memory within 72 hours.”

That alter ego was equally vicious toward Black people, likening them to animals and frequently dropping the n-word. He spewed hatred for LGBTQ people, fat women, homeless people. At times, the anonymous poster acknowledged his job as a policeman and suggested that he was working from within to collapse the system: “The best place I can possibly be is inside the beast.”

Officer Nichols was asked to turn over his gun and badge and was placed on leave. Meanwhile, officials went through every single piece of evidence about Nichols’s behavior while he was on duty to see if he showed any sort of “racism” in his day-to-day police work. It was a mammoth undertaking that included watching 132 hours of body-camera footage, going through 12 years of reports, a decade of traffic stops, and reading over 2,000 chat messages.

Something very interesting happened at the conclusion of that review. It turns out that the “mountain of material” ended up revealing that the racist bogeyman’s conduct was within the bounds of professional standards. In other words, he didn’t treat anybody differently because of the color of their skin, their religion or sexual preference while he was on the clock.

Yet, after poring over body-camera video, analyzing traffic stops and scanning messages, Phillips and his partner found no indication that Nichols had displayed evidence of his abhorrent beliefs or bias while on duty. His interactions with people of all backgrounds appeared calm and courteous. Apart from some far-right newsletters in his work inbox, Nichols the police officer and Nichols the neo-Nazi lived in separate worlds.

“He put on a good face,” Phillips said, shaking his head. “It was amazing that he could look somebody in the eye and talk to them like that and then be writing this stuff about them when he gets home.”

The left and the black community which has been so wound up by the media finally found their perfect neo-Nazi racist cop supervillain and it turns out he never even harmed a fly.

The left and the black community were totally gobsmacked that this police officer, despite strong personal biases, was able to perform his job proficiently and professionally.

Instead of being reassured, however, many Black and Brown people in Springfield were incredulous. At the NAACP forum and in local Facebook groups, residents asked variations of, “Seriously? Nobody knew?” Local Black Lives Matter leaders challenged the methodology of the inquiry and criticized the department for running it in-house rather than enlisting a neutral party. Activists were incensed that Nichols was allowed to keep his taxpayer-funded pension.

Internally, the fallout was just as devastating, Scarlette said. The questions he got from Springfield’s 30 or so Black officers — about 11 percent of the force — revealed a shattered trust: “Are there others that we need to be aware of? Do I have the support of my fellow officers when I’m going out on calls?”

So, what does that mean exactly? It’s quite revealing about how they think about the world.

See, in the real world, things are not often black and white. In the real world, most people have biases and prejudices, and the whole point of being a professional is to set aside those prejudices and biases and do the right thing. Most of us living in the real world understand that someone can still perform their job well and treat everyone equally despite having prejudiced views — even in the case of the supposedly “worst neo-Nazi cop in the world.” We all have to set aside our feelings and prejudices at times to do the right thing.

This police officer made offensive comments, which can’t be ignored, and he shouldn’t be an officer anymore. But at work, the record shows that he acted appropriately. However, even so, the left and the black community want him arrested and can’t understand why he gets to keep his guns:

But the options to impose harsher consequences were limited. Nichols could not be charged with a crime: Hate speech is constitutionally protected, and he had not violated any laws. And he was still legally allowed to own guns, a chilling thought for activists who feared that Nichols might be particularly combustible now that he had been exposed.

“To a person, the conversations that I have had ended with sort of a mutual frustration with the situation but also understanding that I don’t just get to file charges because someone has expressed views that were reprehensible,” said Dan Wright, the state’s attorney for Sangamon County, which includes Springfield.

So much for the First and Second Amendments — at least in the eyes of the radical left and the black community. The left’s failure to grasp the complexities of this situation highlights an extreme and dangerous detachment from reality.

It turns out that hardcore, ideological left-wing liberals and communists don’t live in the real world that you and I experience, one with Christian compassion and mercy and dignity. They tend to equate “wrong beliefs” with somebody being inherently evil and worthy of extermination. Thus, they expect a “racist neo-Nazi police officer” to basically be lynching and shooting Jews and blacks left and right in the street. And that is entirely revealing about how left-wingers and liberals view conservatives, Trump supporters and the Make America Great Again movement.

Liberal left-wingers — including politicians, judges, jailers, journalists, and everyone in-between — believe that you are pure evil if you have beliefs that contradict theirs, and they will treat you worse than a cockroach at every opportunity. Doing the right thing and being fair to those they consider “evil” never even crosses their minds. They find the idea that a “neo-Nazi” police officer might be able to put aside his feelings and carry out his duties as a professional astounding.

Now are you starting to understand the left-wing, Deep State political persecution of individuals like Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Mark Houck, Douglass Mackey, and the January 6ers? The left is brimming with anger and self-righteousness rage and they want to hurt anyone who opposes them that they view as subhuman.

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We certainly don’t support the police officer’s beliefs or posts, obviously. But it’s worth considering what happens when we no longer live in a Christian culture and instead live in one led by unchecked feelings, grievance, and festering rage. Is a police officer with a history of bigoted online posts inherently evil and subhuman and worthy of being stripped of his guns and free speech rights and thrown in jail? Or is he maybe just a wayward guy who held some weird beliefs and never hurt anyone and potentially worthy of mercy and redemption? Do we judge somebody by their beliefs, or moreso by their actions?

How a typical leftist might answer these questions, considering they view Christianity as “sexist and transphobic” and 50 percent (or more) of the country as “racist neo-Nazis”, is chilling to the bone.