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Steven Metcalf served as the attorney for Dominic Pezzola, a Proud Boy member who faced trial in Washington, D.C. for his participation in the January 6th skirmish. Dominic was charged with two counts of “conspiracy.” Four other prominent members of the Proud Boys had already been convicted of “seditious conspiracy,” which put Dom in a precarious position. Despite the odds, after some intense jury deliberations, Dominic was ultimately acquitted of the two most significant conspiracy charges.

Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola

It was a major win for Mr. Metcalf and his client, Dom, but amidst the celebration of justice, a dark and chilling reality unfolded before Stephen Metcalf’s eyes. The Regime had concocted a sinister plot to destroy more dissidents down the line, casting a shadow of fear and apprehension in this seasoned attorney. Stephen wrote an op-ed for Newsweek where he discussed this new chilling plot and also shared his experience defending a Proud Boy.

Mr. Metcalf is pleased with Dom’s acquittal, but there are additional “big fish” on the horizon, and the Regime intends to pursue them using their new “plan.” It’s going to get seriously bone-chilling if Metcalf is right, folks. No one is exempt from the Regime’s plan, not even those who didn’t step foot in the Capitol on January 6th.


I believe the way some of these cases have been handled from jump street has set up a landscape that has been so one-sided it makes it difficult to defend against the charges and be completely acquitted.

On the flip side, I feel that there’s going to be another round of new arrests of some pretty heavy hitters.

In this particular case, I believe the government tested a new theory against Enrique Tarrio, who was convicted of seditious conspiracy despite not being present in Washington, D.C. on the day.

So now, if they can link anyone’s emails or text messages to January 6 and call it a conspiracy, they may be able to convict anyone, even those who never stepped foot on the Capitol grounds that day.

This is absolutely terrifying and it clearly reveals the extreme measures the Regime is willing to take to suppress any form of opposition.

Metcalf , who also represented another J6’er named Edward “Jake” Lang, details the shocking abuse suffered by these American political prisoners and the injustice carried out by the Regime.

Around 30 days after his arrest, Jake was moved to the U.S. capital, and I felt the treatment he and others involved on January 6 received was horrifying. They were being thrown in the hole for months at a time.

While I don’t think there’s a straightforward answer to whether every person who took part on January 6 was punished excessively, individually, I feel there are a lot of people who have been treated unfairly, and their conditions thus far have been exceptionally harsh. These cases have destroyed people and their families’ lives.

Metcalf says everything is politically motivated, leaving him disheartened by the manipulation and abuse of the system for political gains.

A selected handful of these individuals are being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, without question, solely to make an example of them. Is that fair and equal protection under the law?

But it’s not only the judicial system that’s been weaponized and politicized. Metcalf describes the threatening emails he’s received from the “loving left” for defending Dom and Jake. And not only that, but colleagues and friends attacked him as well.

I have received a lot of threatening emails saying things like: “I hope you die,” or “you’re disgusting,” or “I hope you and your children die.”

Colleagues of mine in different cases have also felt the need to share their political opinions with me, and their opinions about January 6. I have been called the “attorney for the insurrectionists” when I walk into certain courtrooms.

These kinds of comments don’t normally affect me. Still, I was shocked that someone I had worked closely with—someone whose family I had taken care of—no longer respected me because I represented someone she did not politically align with.

It made me realize just how divided our country is right now.

If Metcalf was representing a left-wing Antifa terrorist, NBC Narratives would be running these “death threats” against him on their front page, because only left-wing communists receive (supposed) death threats worth mentioning, according to their narrative.

It’s interesting to think, would these folks who are quick to criticize Mr. Metcalf react the same way if he defended someone accused of a serious crime like rape or murder? Probably not, because in the eyes of those with a communist mindset, they believe all criminals, even rapists and murderers can be rehabilitated. However, when it comes to political dissidents – they consider them irredeemable and worthless. It’s important remember this ideology going forward; as it’s the driving force behind the left’s agenda.

After all, in the end, a silly rapist poses no threat to the Regime, but a political dissident does — which is why they must be eliminated using whatever means are necessary.

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