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A very concerning trend has emerged in Joe Biden’s America where thugs are being hailed as civil rights heroes, while Good Samaritans are portrayed as the villains. In this current progressive landscape, bad guys who harm others and undermine society are being celebrated as champions by the left, and anybody who selflessly stands up to these no-good thugs are instantly attacked by the left wing mob as “racists” and “evil.” Their lives are destroyed, and in some cases, like with the Marine Subway Hero, the newly-weaponized judicial system comes crashing down on them as well.

This bizarre role reversal has turned the United States into a dangerous and dystopian place, where the radical mob calls the shots and regular law-abiding folks are stuck dealing with the chaos.

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One place where this type of chaotic situation is not unfolding is in El Salvador, a country that was once labeled as a “third world sh*thole.” Today, some may argue that it’s a safer haven than the United States, thanks to nationalist leader Nayib Bukele, who prioritizes the well-being of his people, not gang thugs.

This is a photo of what Bukele’s new “gang” prison looks like.

El Salvador Presidency Press Office / AP

Left-wingers are “shocked” by the new mega prison when they should be celebrating it.

Naturally, the gang members are pushing back against Bukele’s initiatives, and though they’re facing major setbacks, they occasionally manage to succeed. In a recent incident, roaming gang members successfully carried out the assassination of an officer in El Salvador’s “anti-gang” army. Bukele’s reaction to this was fierce and uncompromising.

Here’s a translation of what Bukele said in a recent tweet about the assassination.

Given the murder that occurred yesterday of an agent of our PNC (Policía Nacional Civil de El Salvador) by gang members who are still in some sectors of our country, in hiding, fleeing the Exception Regime…

Starting this morning, we established a security fence around the municipality of Nueva Concepción, Chalatenango, with more than 5,000 elements of the Fuerza Armada (Armed Forces) and 500 of the PNC, in search of those responsible for the homicide and the entire gang structure and collaborators who are still hiding in that place.

They will pay dearly for the murder of our hero.

Imagine if Joe Biden responded with that type of strength and determination when a criminal took the life of a police officer or caused havoc on a subway, terrifying innocent passengers. If Biden behaved like Bukele, America would be a safer and more sane nation. Unfortunately, the left is unable to push this message because they are controlled by a radical mob of communists who not only endorse thugs and criminals but also idolize them. Just look at how AOC responded when Daniel Penny rescued an entire subway train of people from a mentally ill, violent homeless man. She called him a “murderer.”  That is a classic communist mentality, where all black bad guys are actually good, and the white men are the real evil doers.

In fact, we can be sure that Joe Biden probably wishes he could go full Nayib Bukele — not against criminals and illegal aliens but against law-abiding conservatives, Trump supporters and the Make America Great Again movement.

Nayib Bukele’s approach to dealing with criminals is simply common sense, regardless of their skin color. On the other hand, Joe Biden’s actions are quite concerning. He seems to be engaging in a dangerous game of identity politics that is getting people killed and turning the US into a third-world sh*thole, all the while persecuting law-abiding Americans like Mark Houck, Daniel Penny, Douglass Mackey, and President Trump.