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During the 2020 electin, Kari Lake was pitted against a formidable “cheat machine” and her odds of prevailing were slim. Nevertheless, credit must be given to her dogmatic determination and relentless fight… and speaking of that fight, this latest clip regarding the 2022 AZ governor election from Team Kari is a doozy and has already amassed over 8 million views.

Team Kari says there were concerning events that occurred in Maricopa County regarding the testing of tabulators for the election. Specifically, on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, secret testing took place on these tabulators after the legally required Logic & Accuracy test had already been conducted. According to Team Kari, out of a total of 446 tabulators, a significant number of 260 failed during this secret testing phase. Despite these failures, these same tabulators were still used on election day, where an alarming 59% of them failed. Team Kari believes this is the smoking gun that proves sabotage.

Despite being repeatedly knocked down, Kari refuses to throw in the towel as she tenaciously pursues the truth. This resilience matters greatly, considering the arduous task of uncovering widespread cheating and deception. Every effort contributes to the cause.