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In a rather intriguing and ironic turn of events the federal authorities have once again inadvertently emphasized the drawbacks of engaging with them. It appears that DOJ lackeys and FBI agents, who have built their careers on ensnaring unsuspecting Americans through such “conversations,” are now actively avoiding any involvement with their former fellow federal comrades. They’re not dummies, folks.

According to New York Post reporter Mirada Devine, two prominent GOP senators are up in arms and angry over one key aspect of the Durham report. They want to know why Durham didn’t put tremendous pressure on FBI officicals like Comey, McCabe, and Strzok to sit down and speak to his team.

Well, for starters, their mother’s may have raised crooks, but they didn’t raise fools — these guys know there is absolutely no benefit to talking with the feds. Just ask General Flynn.

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That’s right, all of these feds declined to be interviewed by the feds…


We can actually learn a thing or two from disgraced officials like Comey and McCabe when it comes to dealing with federal authorities. These guys understand the potential risks involved, which is why they choose not to engage in conversations with their fellow feds. And if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you should do the same.

If you are ever faced with a visit from the FBI, it is crucial to avoid the immediate urge to “appear cooperative.” That’s an emotional reaction that will come back to haunt you. Instead, be smart and know your rights.

Michael Steinberg:

It almost requires an emotional “paradigm shift” for many people to refuse to speak to law enforcement such as the FBI when asked to do answer questions. Many of us “feel” that since we “have nothing to hide,” why not cooperate out of the gate?

Those of us who hold this belief are among our best citizens as a country. This article argues that following your first instincts could land you in a federal prison ask Martha Stewart.

In the world of lawyers and courts you are perceived to be “uncooperative,” if you first obtain legal advice before answering questions. You are perceived to be aware of your rights and cautious You are perceived to be “smart.”

In fact, when a police officer is under investigation for anything, the first thing the officer will do is contact counsel? Why? …because they know what can happen if they don’t. Likewise, when an FBI agent is under federal investigation that agent (who is almost always a lawyer) will seek the advice and representation of another lawyer a criminal defense lawyer.

Remember this when you request to first talk to your lawyer while the FBI at be “disappointed” they will immediately know you are sophisticated enough to understand the danger of proceeding without counsel. They know that by asking for a lawyer, you are NOT refusing to cooperate.

There’s a reason this video went viral. It’s good advice and spot on:

Keep this in mind: the FBI isn’t on your side, and they’ll employ all sorts of tactics to get what they want from you. Whether it’s gathering information about someone else or trying to entrap you in a lie, they won’t go easy during an interview. Their goal is to outsmart you, and they’re good at it. Just look at what happened in the Whitmer “kidnapping case.” It was an entrapment bonanza, and in terms of January 6th, we’re only beginning to understand the depth of the FBI involvement.

We don't talk to police. : r/memes

Do yourself a favor and keep quiet.