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Let’s face it, as conservatives, we certainly have not “conserved” much, have we? The core foundation of our party, Christianity, has been sliced, diced, and reinvented in order to appease a bunch of godless, degenerate left-wing communists.

In many respects, Christianity is nearly unrecognizable today.

So, who, besides ourselves do we have to blame for this tragic turn of events?

Sadly, many people and groups have played a pivotal role in the “wokeism” of Christianity, but the main culprits are weak, virtue-signaling pastors and their flock of dutiful sheep.

In an ideal world, pastors and their flock would be the front and last line of defense in safeguarding traditional Christian values at any cost. However, in a growing number of cases that’s not happening. Instead, they’re the first group to lay down their arms and surrender to the left. Mostly because they’re afraid of being called “racists” or “homophobic.”

American Thinker: 

By the late twentieth century, the greatest tug of war would be between a mass of traditional but unconventional people (for the purposes of this article, us) and a mass of untraditional and conventional people.  Bystander offshoots such as anarchists, libertarians, nihilists, and the polite Burkean conservatives (i.e., the “NeverTrumps”) might jump into the fray from time to time.

If the right scaffolded itself on three tiers  —  first the church, then politics, then culture  —  the left gained massive ground by taking over those same tiers in reverse order.

The left has been working tirelessly for decades to take over Christianity, and Republicans have done nothing to stop them.

First the left won over the culture through its famed “long march through the institutions,” coming to dominate in schools, media, art, entertainment, and community organizations.  By the time of Watergate, this was a done deal.

When the left faces defeat, they don’t stay down for long. They work tirelessly to regain what they lost and then push even further.

By the 1980s, the left reacted to the Reagan revolution and went to work taking back the government and courts.  The Clintonian 1990s advanced this cause by unifying the left around Clinton’s Ivy League network and identity politics.

But the left also won politics by infiltrating the Republican Party and coordinating with libertarians to make Republicanism mean free markets and small government but not traditional social ethics.

By the time George W. Bush took the presidency in 2000, the left had extended its cultural hegemony to the realm of government.  While Bush seemed good for American evangelicals, his presidency saw a radicalized left-wing Democratic Party (the pinnacle being the Obama victory in 2008) and a Republican elite with libertarian priorities, increasingly willing to jettison or even kill off traditional values.

Not only did Republicans do nothing to stop the left’s takeover, these virtue signaling heathens actually helped them.

By 2013, Paul Ryan came out in support of homosexual adoption and did so while implying that opposition to it is rooted in some old-fashioned uptightness that had passed its expiration date.  The millennia-old commandment “honor thy father and thy mother” was totally irrelevant to a politician whose “conservatism” consisted of small-government budget policy.  Eventually, CPAC would be kicking out MassResistance for being “antigay.”

The left always seems to use a tragedy or calamity as an opportunity to push their most extreme cultural and political agenda – it’s become quite predictable:

Unfortunately, there’s even more bad news.  While conservatives were busy reading Slouching toward Gomorrah and listening intently to Mark Levin’s radio broadcasts, something was happening we didn’t anticipate.

The left took over our churches.  It was a slow, stealthy process.  It played out in a top-down fashion, because the left used its overwhelming force in the academy to exert pressure on seminaries and divinity schools through academic associations such as the American Academy of Religion.

As I commented in 2018, this association brought together religion scholars, church leaders, media influencers, and the FBI since just after the bombing of the Branch Davidians.  Their goal to fight domestic religious “extremism” was from the beginning biased against orthodox Christian churches.  This Leviathan of churches-colleges-spies-journalists-lawyers grew enormously during the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, producing a whole generation of change agents in the seminaries and developing counterintelligence strategies used by the spy agencies.

Why do this?  For the left, this was necessary.  As long as the churches remained a conservative citadel, the left would risk a counterinsurgency forming and amassing to defy the left again.  Church has always been a major part of American life. Churchgoers put Trump over the top in 2016.  Leftists know this.

You can read the whole worthwhile piece at the American Thinker.

With so many of our cherished institutions falling victim to leftist hijacking or destruction, what actions can we take to move forward?

As far back as three years ago, journalist Emerald Robinson warned about the problem of weak, virtue-signaling pastors conforming to the soulless left, and offered valuable advice. Unfortunately, her words went unheeded. Now, perhaps it’s time for these pastors to listen and start taking action to convert the left, as Robinson suggests

After all, that’s their job, right?

Here’s what Emerald said in a tweet:

Amen. Today, more than ever, we need courageous pastors and leaders who follow the example of early church leaders. Convert, don’t conform.