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There’s a plan in motion to revolutionize crime coverage at the local level. Words like “responsible” and “ethical” are buzz words being used as a cover for this new media overhaul. Their plan is to distort coverage and completely ignore actual crime statistics and the demographics of the perpetrators. In other words, more lies, fake news, and propaganda.

This latest move is coming from The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, a non-profit journalism school and research organization in St. Petersburg, Florida. The group also owns the Tampa Bay Times newspaper and the International Fact-Checking Network. It also operates the infamous PolitiFact.

Poynter is a prominent force in the regime’s growing “disinformation” industry, and they’re spearheading the effort to revamp local news so it jives with the progressive narrative.

It actually sounds like your local media reporters will spend seven months in a government re-education camp.


The Poynter Institute is pleased to announce the 27 participating news organizations in 2023’s Transforming Crime Reporting Into Public Safety Journalism.

These newsrooms are on the forefront of a movement in American journalism to create more accurate and comprehensive community narratives about public safety. Last year, teams from 44 newsrooms worked with Poynter over 15 weeks to reimagine their approach to covering crime, courts and law enforcement.

This year’s cohort of newsrooms will work together for seven months. Teams from news media organizations were invited to apply to Poynter’s 2023 expanded program, which is funded with grants from the MacArthur Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

According to Poynter’s statement, local communities will now get the “George Floyd” news treatment, where you ignore a criminal’s past violence and paint him as a pillar of the community who was tragically murdered in his prime — also known as “The Gentle Giant” defense.

McBride wrote that in the public reckoning that followed George Floyd’s murder by a police officer in 2020, newsrooms wanted to provide their communities with more comprehensive coverage of public safety.

As a former cops reporter, McBride has specialized in reforming the journalism profession’s coverage of crime, violence and trauma. Since joining Poynter in 2002, McBride has helped newsrooms evolve best practices on issues of sexual assault, suicide and mental health, and mass shootings.

“Newsrooms everywhere have deeply entrenched habits when it comes to covering crime. Chase the scanner, quote the police, ‘if it bleeds it leads.’ I know this from my own experience and from offering ethical guidance to hundreds during my time here at Poynter,” McBride said. “Most of the reporters and editors I encounter really want to do better work. But newsroom systems and culture make it hard to change.”

Apparently, news casters will keep demonizing white people while burying black crimes and statistics.

Thompson-Morton said that to prepare for this work, she considered her own upbringing in a town with a lot of similarities to another just across the river, save one: the other town had a higher percentage of white residents.

“My community often only made headlines when a resident was involved in a crime story, so my town developed a reputation as a more dangerous place to live. But the crime rate was actually higher” in the nearby town.

Local news, which was the last bastion of somewhat “fair” media coverage has officially fallen and will join the mainstream media in pushing the left’s race wars, twisted progressive agenda, and bizarre, cult-like worship of career criminal George Floyd.

If you’re an average American looking for honest, non-partisan broadcast news without all the opinion, spin, and agenda, you’re out of luck. Sadly, the lines have all been drawn, and there’s nowhere left to turn to get that kind of reliable information these days.