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DeSantis’s attempts to challenge Disney may have faced some criticism and not achieved the desired outcome, but he deserves recognition for drawing attention to Disney’s association with the radical LGBTQ movement. Even though the results may not have been as successful as anticipated, it sparked a crucial conversation and shed light on the alignment between Disney and the LGBTQ movement.

DeSantis and other prominent social media accounts have shed a bright light on how Disney grooms children through their network programming on Disney+.

And it seems these collective efforts are having an effect. Reports suggest that Disney+ has experienced a significant loss of subscribers, contrary to predictions made by so-called “experts” who anticipated growth.

Yahoo News:

As Disney approaches its third round of expected layoffs and deals with production delays due to the ongoing writers strike, the company delivered more bad news to investors. Its flagship streaming service, Disney+, lost four million subscribers in Q2 2023, bringing the total to 157.8 million subscribers, compared to 161.8 million subs in the previous quarter. Analysts expected subscriber growth of 163.17 million.

Will the top brass at Disney self reflect and reconsider their cult-like support of all things “LGBTQ” and admit they were sexually grooming kids for the progressive agenda?

No, of course not. Instead, they’ll blame the collapse on India.

The main reason behind the decline was Disney+ Hotstar, which shed 8% of its subscriber base, going from 57.5 million subs in Q1 2023 to 52.9 million. Many viewers in India are upset with the company’s decision to not retain streaming rights for the Indian Premier Cricket League.

Last quarter, Disney+ reported its first subscriber loss since its inception in 2019. The streamer saw a drop in 2.4 million subscribers in Q1.

CEO Bob Iger also revealed during the last earnings call that Disney is set to undergo major restructuring, including job cuts that will affect 7,000 employees. So far, the company has had two waves of layoffs, with one more on the way.

The truth is, in many respects, Disney is experiencing a similar fate in terms of “branding” as Bud Light. Although Bud Light might face more immediate consequences, the long-term effects for Disney will be much more significant due to its status as a “generational” brand. Families create cherished memories during magical Disney vacations, and this tradition often continues from one generation to the next. When that chain is disrupted, the impact may not be immediately apparent, but it will certainly manifest in the future.

It’s never a smart business move to abandon your core supporters just to cater to a small fraction who may or may not be interested in your product. Bud Light made that mistake by disregarding manly blue-collar men to chase after transvestites who don’t even drink beer. Likewise, Disney faced backlash for grooming kids to join the “rainbow cult.” These decisions will alienate the loyal customer base.

In both of these cases, each company lost the trust of their base of customers; once that happens, it’s a very long and arduous road to get them back.