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Target has put itself in an impossible spot similar to that of Bud Light due to the controversy surrounding their sexualization of kids through their pride-themed kids’ clothing. Many Americans are watching all of this unfold, completely confused, as successful US companies are throwing away half their customer base by prioritizing their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Is this a cult?


They’ve gotten involved in something they can’t win. Read the room! When you get involved in any partisan issue you lose 50% of your constituency immediately.

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The backlash against Target has caused their stock to fall to the lowest point in three years.

Post Millennial:

According to Yahoo Finance, $TGT fell to $137.39 at 9:52 am Wednesday, a price it hadn’t hit since August 2020.

While the stock has rebounded in the hours since, it remains on a downward trend since backlash began.

The company has lost a reported $9 billion in the past week, according to CEO Brian Cornell.

Target reportedly held “emergency” calls with a number of managers and district senior directors earlier this week, instructing them to scale down stores’ displays of Pride-related merchandise.

Its decision to sell a selection of LGBTQ-themed clothing and accessories to children was slammed by many on the right, and as a result, the retail giant has sought to avoid a “Bud Light situation.”

It’s amazing to see the success of these conservative boycotts, starting with Bud Light. It’s definitely put the fear of Jesus in these satanic companies,  but there’s an intriguing aspect to the Target boycott that many overlook. We’re realizing that conservatives can effectively utilize TikTok as a platform for protest. And in case you think we’re exaggerating, take a look at these numbers:

314.4 million views on TikTok as moms unite to protect their kids and boycott Target.’s perversion. Truly remarkable and immensely impactful.

The Boycott Target hashtag has over 35 million views on TikTok.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, moms on TikTok have a lot of power – over 219 billion views.

This is real power, and it’s high time conservatives embrace the potential of TikTok and use it to their advantage instead of just complaining about China from the sidelines.

Thanks to the conservative moms on TikTok there are now people making “rap” videos about Target going after kids and getting millions of views on Twitter.

And all of these efforts are paying off. Target is now removing merchandise after the TikTok mommy brigade successfully brought them down.

Daily Mail:

Target has pulled some of the most controversial items from its Pride collection in the face of a ‘Bud Light’ style boycott, but is doubling down on its commitment to LGBTQ causes and blaming ‘volatile’ complaints for its decision.

Over the last few weeks, the retail giant has been reviled by families – particularly mothers – for pushing transgender clothes, books and greeting cards in its stores.

Yesterday, amid outrage and confusion over a range of ‘tuck friendly’ female swimsuits, the company released a statement to insist the suits were only available in adult sizes.

Amid growing anger over the displays and concern about some of the designers featured, the company started having ’emergency calls’ to avoid a backlash as voracious as that which Bud Light faced for partnering with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Darren Beattie remarked on the incredible power of MomTok yesterday in an interview with the great Charlie Kirk.

The “Silent Majority” is no longer silent and they are effectively utilizing a Chinese weapon to their advantage. This strategy is clever and provides an excellent blueprint as we continue fighting to protect our nation from these communist ghouls. Don’t be afraid of TikTok, use it as a weapon to bring down the left.