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As you likely know by now, Douglass Mackey, a former pro-Trump social media influencer, was found guilty in a Brooklyn, New York court of “conspiracy” for sharing a meme on Twitter that mocked Hillary voters.

The meme poked fun at low-info liberals by suggesting they could “text” to vote.

Ricky Vaughn Twitter Troll Arrested For Alleged Election Interference

This was an obvious joke.

It was such a joke, there were even memes floating around hilariously suggesting you could “tweet” to vote.

In all sincerity, everybody knew this was mockery.

Are Douglass Mackey's Memes Illegal? - Tablet Magazine

As a matter of fact, the “joke” was understood so much so, that it was happening on the left, too.

A liberal activist named Kristina Wong actually dressed up like a Trump supporter and told MAGA to “text their vote for Trump” in a video.

Charlie Kirk on Twitter: "If making memes is now considered election fraud, there's a Kristina Wong that might be worth taking a look at. Maybe a little too Democrat for most prosecutors,

However, unlike Douglass Mackey, Kristina Wong is not facing up to 10 years in a federal prison. After all, she voted for the “regime-approved” candidate, so Kristina isn’t facing political persecution. And speaking of regime-approved candidates, Hillary Clinton is now speaking out on the politically-driven Mackey trial and is spreading her own lies and disinformation.

Hillary claims the meme was part of some much bigger conspiracy to interfere with voting and “steal” the election from her. This was never proven in court.

The US government had one controversial Twitter troll as their star witness — Microchip — a man some would argue is insane because he claims he speaks to the walls and also believes he is the sole creator of the Q-anon movement.

Sounds like a total nutbag.

Hillary also claims that “thousands” of people texted their vote to the number listed on the meme. While it’s true that “thousands” texted the number, what Hillary fails to mention is that the reason so many texted was because BuzzFeed did a story on the meme and didn’t blur out the number. In addition, a liberal professor with a huge Twitter following also retweeted the meme.

Furthermore, the US government was never able to produce one single witness who claimed to have their election rights “violated” by the meme. But they didn’t need to produce any witnesses. The deck was already stacked against Mr. Mackey before he even stepped foot in the courtroom because the government successfully turned “conspiracy” into a virtual honeypot for convictions.

This is a tweet from attorney Marina Medvin regarding the jury instructions in the Mackey case.


Doug didn’t stand a chance.

And now Hillary, who laughably claims to be fighting against “disinformation,” is now out there spewing some of the biggest and most dangerous lies ever.

The regime wants you to believe that one guy with a Twitter account did more damage to the 2016 election, than a tsunami of unprecedented and unchecked mail-in ballots did to the 2020 election.

That’s how stupid they think you are.

You can support Mr. Mackey and his appeal process regarding this very important First Amendment case by donating to his legal defense fund:

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If you’re not familiar with this case, we encourage you to read the two Revolver pieces here and here.

And don’t forget the power of prayer. Please pray for Douglass Mackey as he keeps fighting for free speech in the United States.


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