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Tucker Carlson has always been a controversial figure, known for fearlessly taking down the elites and highlighting topics nobody else would. However, behind the scenes, there’s a side to him that not many people are aware of. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Tucker personally say he’s a kind, helpful, and humble person. They say he goes out of his way to help the “little guy” and genuinely cares about people’s lives and what they’re going through.

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Now, after his departure from Fox, many people have come forward to share their personal stories about how Tucker has touched their lives in heartwarming ways.

Here are some of those amazing stories and insights from the people who’ve met and know Tucker Carlson.

Tucker is always ready to jump in and help the “little guy” who’s getting steamrolled by the radical mob. That’s what “Libs of TikTok” creator Chaya Raichik said in her tweet about Tucker’s character and how he ran to her side after disgraced WAPO reporter Taylor Lorenz doxxed her.

WAPO activist reporter Taylor Lorenz crying because people are mean to her

Here’s Libs of TikTok thanking Tucker:

Canceled right-wing reporter Savanah Hernandez tells the moving story of how when she was banned by social media, Tucker was there to support her and give her back her voice. Here’s what she had to say:

During the time when I was permanently banned on Twitter, Tucker and his team made it a point to platform my work.

They even brought me out for his podcast and let me discuss my reporting and censorship.

I’ll never forget meeting him. Despite being the number one host in the ENTIRE industry, he still greeted me like he was my biggest fan. It was a day I will never forget.

He is one of the most humble and genuine people in this industry and if it wasn’t for him and his team, a huge portion of my reporting would have gone unnoticed.

I will forever be grateful to him. His passion for truth and exposing lies has been one of the greatest inspirations of my career. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

And as conservative activist Noor Bin Ladin perfectly put it, Tucker is fearless.

Filmmaker Michael Caputo shared a truly personal and captivating moment between he and Tucker.

Tucker knew in his heart what was coming…

Jaimee Michell, the founder of “Gays Against Groomers” was blown away by how warm, kind, and friendly Tucker was.

Conservative activist Daniel Schmidt calls Tucker one of the humblest people he’s ever met.

Nigel Farage gets it. You can’t replace Tucker.

There is no Fox News without Tucker Carlson. Amen, Mo.

Journalist Rogan O’Handley will follow Tucker wherever he goes. How about you?

Constitutional lawyer Joseph McBride is proud to have been on Tucker’s show. There will never be another show like Tucker’s.

Radio host Chris Stigall calls Tucker “classy” and “sincere,” and hopes Tucker finds more time to fish!

Fishing you say? Collin Rugg of “Trending Politics” shared the infamous fishing clip of Tucker that reveals what an “every man” he truly is.

And speaking of the outdoors, James O’Keefe shared this awesome “buddy pic” of he and Tucker Hunting.

This was Tucker’s last segment, which in a way, is perfect:

This is the effect Tucker could have on people:

Many people used the f-word to describe Tucker: friend.


These two gentlemen shared a similar, touching story:


Beautiful tributes that paint an undeniably heartfelt picture of a man who rose above the fame and privilege to humbly serve the little guy. Tucker has left an indelible mark on the lives of those around him—those who knew him and those who watched and admired him from afar.

But he was just a little “too real” for cable news.


His compassionate and empathetic nature is a testament to his character, and his actions have proven that he is much more than just a talking head on TV and we at Revolver News can’t wait to see what’s next for Tucker.


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