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E. Jean Carroll, a controversial former advice columnist, filed a civil lawsuit against President Trump back in November 2019 accusing him of raping her back in the 90s. On Thursday, President Trump’s “pitbull” attorney, Joe Tacopina, grilled Ms. Carroll over her allegation that Trump raped her in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman department store decades ago. Unfortunately for Ms. Carroll, the cross-examination did not go well.

Many people believe this “rape” accusation may have political motives similar to the unfounded allegation of rape made against Justice Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford.

A strange “scam” email between Ms. Carroll and a Trump-hating friend lends credence to this theory.

Daily Beast (emphasis ours):

Trump’s lawyers repeatedly went after Carroll for an odd email to a friend where they discussed the need to stop Trump—and said they had a “scheme” in mind.

Following hours of emotional testimony where Carroll described what she called Trump’s “violent” attack at a department store nearly three decades ago, defense lawyer Joe Tacopina began to cross-examine her with questions meant to poke holes in her story.

While asking about how Carroll developed her book, which marked the first time she made that startling accusation, Trump’s lead defense attorney pointed out an exchange she had with a close friend, the fellow journalist Lisa Birnbach.

“This has to stop,” Birnbach suggested in a Sept. 23, 2017 email about Trump. “As soon as we’re both well enough to scheme, we must do our patriotic duty again.”

“TOTALLY!!! I have something special for you when we meet,” Carroll responded.

Two weeks later, Carroll started a cross-country road trip to gather material for an upcoming book in 2019 about nasty men—one that ultimately included a bombshell account of Trump allegedly raping Carroll in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman.

Trump’s lawyer kept the fireworks going, relentlessly questioning Ms. Carroll as to why she had not spoken to anyone about the alleged rape over the past two decades.

ABC News:

In two decades, you don’t call the police, correct?” Carroll replied, “Correct.”

“In two decades you never revealed this story in your hundreds of your advice columns, correct?” Tacopina said.

“Correct,” Carroll said.

Mr. Tacopina claims that besides the “political scam” at work, Ms. Carroll also cooked up the rape accusation against Trump to sell more copies of her book. He then cleverly got her to admit the plan backfired since her book flopped (emphasis ours):

“He’s poisoning my water, he’s polluting my air, he’s cooking my planet … and as he stacks the courts, my rights over my body are being taken away state by state. I’m afraid my right to free speech will go next. So now I will tell you what happened,” the message said.

Carroll replied that the message contained a draft that was never published.

Tacopina then questioned why Carroll could not pinpoint a date the alleged rape occurred.

“I wish to heaven we could give you a date,” Carroll said.

Tacopina suggested Carroll only told her story about Trump to sell a book.

“You thought including the story about Donald Trump while he was still president would help sell the book?” he asked.

“I thought so but I was wrong,” Carroll said. She had previously testified her book did not sell well.

Tacopina then asked, “In two decades, you don’t call the police, correct?” Carroll replied, “Correct.”

“In two decades you never revealed this story in your hundreds of your advice columns, correct?” Tacopina said.

“Correct,” Carroll said.

“Only when you were trying to get a publisher and sell your book?” Tacopina asked, to which Carroll replied her story came out after The New York Times published its landmark story about Harvey Weinstein.

Tacopina didn’t ease up on Ms. Carroll. He cornered her over why she kept a diary and recorded everything except the alleged incident with Trump.

“I always thought if I wrote something bad I’d have to think about it. If I write about it, I think about it,” Carroll said.

“But you wrote a book about the worst thing that ever happened to you,” Tacopina said.

“I thought it was time not to be silent,” Carroll said.

When questioned about whether she had ever watched Donald Trump’s show, “The Apprentice,” E. Jean Carroll had this odd response:

“I love the premise of ambitious young businesspeople competing for a job. I thought that was really quite witty and it was different. It was so much better than, you know, the dating contests and the beauty contests and those — this was a real contest where you could watch it and learn a thing or two. It was very — it was beautifully produced,”

We’re supposed to believe that Ms. Carroll learned beautiful things from her brutal rapist? Sadly, it got even stranger. Ms. Carroll went on to reveal she had also been raped by former CBS CEO Les Moonves. She recounted the experience in a novelistic way, describing how the elevator doors closed and Mr. Moonves pushed her against the wall and had his way with her.

Carroll also told the jury she was assaulted by then-CBS chairman Les Moonves after an interview. She said she and Moonves entered an elevator and then “he pushed me up against the wall.”

Honestly, this sounds like the type of stuff bored housewives daydream about. In an even more bizarre turn of events, Ms. Carroll claims the reason she didn’t sue Mr. Moonves as well, is because he didn’t “defame” her after the rape. So, according to Ms. Carroll, it’s okay if you’re raped, as long as your rapist doesn’t “bad mouth” you afterwards. Got it.


She did not sue Moonves, Carroll said, because “he did not defame me. He did not call me a liar.”

Carroll, however, sued Trump in November 2019 “because he called me a liar. Because he said I accused other men of rape. He said I was an operative or in a conspiracy with the Democratic Party … and he said I was too ugly to rape. So I sued him.”

Carroll said no one told convinced her to sue, but she “had a conversation” with Republican lawyer and Trump critic George Conway, who Carroll said “does not like Donald Trump.”

This screwy mentality actually makes sense when you remember that Ms. Carroll appeared on CNN and told Anderson Cooper that “rape is sexy” during a very awkward and disturbing interview.

Under cross-examination, Ms. Carroll also admitted that the #MeToo movement prompted her to come forward with these allegations rape.

Carroll replied her story came out after The New York Times published its landmark story about Harvey Weinstein.

“And when that happened, across the country, women began telling their stories. And I was flummoxed. Can we actually speak up and not be pummeled? I thought, well, this may be a way to change the culture of sexual violence. The light dawned. I thought we can actually change things if we actually tell our stories,” Carroll said.

“So it was Harvey Weinstein and all the women against him that caused you to leap into action?” Tacopina asked.

Carroll answered, “It caused me to realize that staying silent does not work. We have a chance of limiting the harm that happens.”

And if you thought that was the end of the rapes, you’d be wrong. Ms. Carroll also claims that she was raped by a dentist. At this point, is there anybody in New York City who hasn’t raped this woman?

It turns out that Ms. Carroll also called her former husband, news anchor John Johnson, an “ape.”

This is a photo of Mr. Johnson, E. Jean Carroll’s second husband. He’s a black man.

Photo Credit: John Johnson

The New York City judge ruled he doesn’t want her racist trope introduced in court because the jury is “mixed race.” If Ms. Carroll was a Trump supporter, do you think her “ape” comment would be allowed in?

It’s also worth noting that this trial is being secretly funded by a Democrat billionaire mega-donor named Reid Hoffman.

The Daily Beast:

Reid Hoffman, the billionaire behind LinkedIn who’s now a megadonor to Democrats, has been quietly bankrolling E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against former President Donald Trump, according to court records filed Thursday.

The surprising last-minute disclosures came out in contentious correspondence between lawyers for the aggrieved journalist and the pissed off former president, who are battling over whether to delay the trial scheduled to start in two weeks.

While it’s unclear if that payment arrangement has any material impact on the case itself, the fact that it remained secret until now will surely support Trump’s unrelenting, conspiratorial complaints that ultra rich liberals have been pulling the strings on the efforts to take him down.

The cross examination of Ms. Carroll will restart on Monday. This is her second attempt go after President Trump with these half-baked rape allegations. You be the judge of her credibility.