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Abby Grossberg is a woman you will likely hear a lot about in the coming days. She was Tucker Carlson’s former producer and was recently fired for inappropriate actions regarding the Dominion lawsuit.

Grossberg has a history of working with left-wing organizations before she landed at Fox News. And by the looks of her resume, it’s very likely that she never had much love for Tucker or his conservative views to begin with. Many people believe Grossberg is just another disgruntled employee who harbored resentment towards Tucker and his show, and this feminist angst likely influenced her actions while working for Fox News and the lawsuit that she just filed.

Grossberg is now suing Fox News by claiming that Tucker Carlson was basically a “monster” and that she was wrongfully terminated.

But the most outrageous thing Abby’s done is to try to take credit for getting Carlson “fired” from Fox News, even though there’s no proof that her actions played any role in his departure whatsoever.

NY Times:

Ms. Grossberg said in the lawsuit naming Mr. Carlson that male producers regularly used vulgarities to describe women and frequently made antisemitic jokes.

On her first day working for Mr. Carlson, Ms. Grossberg said she discovered the office was decorated with large doctored pictures of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing a plunging swimsuit. She said she was once called into the top producer’s office to be asked whether Ms. Bartiromo was having a sexual relationship with the House Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy.

Ms. Grossberg also said in her lawsuit that after she was coerced by Fox’s lawyers into providing a misleading deposition in a recent defamation case brought by Dominion Voting Systems and defending an offensive text from Mr. Carlson, his producers emailed the rest of the staff in recognition of “Abby Day” and suggested ordering a staff lunch to celebrate.

Fox has disputed Ms. Grossberg’s claims, and Mr. Carlson hasn’t said anything publicly about the case.

Quickly after Tucker and Fox News parted ways, Ms. Grossberg attempted to take a victory lap, as if she was the one who took Tucker’s scalp.

In a statement on Monday, one of Ms. Grossberg’s attorneys, Tanvir Rahman, said that Mr. Carlson’s departure from Fox News “is, in part, an admission of the systemic lying, bullying and conspiracy mongering claimed by our client.” Mr. Rahman said that the legal team would be taking Mr. Carlson’s deposition and those of his subordinates “in the very near term.”

That’s a very lefty and lofty claim coming from Ms. Grossberg’s team, and it’s obvious to most why she’s doing this… to try to validate her lawsuit and gin up support from the radical regime mob.

But who exactly is this woman?

Newsweek provides some background on Ms. Grossberg.

According to her profile on Staff Me Up, a website where media professionals can sell their services on a freelance basis, Grossberg graduated from Maryland’s Johns Hopkins University in 2003.

In 2007 she started a job with CNN as an associate producer, before switching to Fox News the following year as a segment producer.

Grossberg later returned to CNN, before taking producer jobs with CBS This Morning, NBC’s The Meredith Vieira Show and CBS’s The Rachael Ray Show in 2011, 2014 and 2015, respectively. The account doesn’t appear to have been updated for several years, and doesn’t mention Grossberg’s return to working for Fox News.

After reading that you have to wonder why on earth she was hired by Fox News, and especially Tucker’s team.

Never let snakes into your den. That’s a lesson President Trump learned the hard way.

But the million dollar question is this: did Abby Grossberg topple the biggest right-wing hero on cable news?

Well, not so fast, everyone.

Former Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clark just threw a bucket of cold water on this “Slay Queen” narrative being pushed by the radical left-wingers at the LA Times.

Here’s what Jeff said in his tweet:

And of course the gullible Los Angeles Times is running with the idea that the Abby Grossberg suit caused this.

Earth to LA Times: of course it’s in the interests of Abby Grossberg and her lawyers to *claim* that they responsible for Tucker leaving.

That doesn’t mean it’s true. Why don’t you just send direct dollars to Grossberg and her lawyers to fund their suit?”

Jeff definitely nails it here.

Despite her claims, many people see Abby Grossberg as a former employee who is simply bitter about losing her job. Her attempts to portray herself as a left-wing hero and take credit for Carlson’s departure from Fox News come off as self-serving and disingenuous.


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