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Well, the swamp runs deep inside Fox News, folks. According to a new report,  anonymous employees inside Fox are supposedly jumping for joy following the departure of Tucker Carlson. If this is true it validates rumors that some at the network were jealous of Tucker’s success and labeled him a “threat” for challenging the status quo.

In other words, they’re establishment bums.

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Yes, Tucker Carlson was a controversial figure, but in the best way possible. He pushed people’s buttons and said things nobody else would. He talked about issues that truly mattered to the America middle-class, and apparently that really irked a lot of people at Fox News. The fact that his departure has made some Fox employees “giddy” really tells you what kind of dump Fox has turned into. This isn’t Roger Ailes’ Fox News anymore, that’s for darn sure.

Rolling Stone:

Fox News and Tucker Carlson have parted ways. The rest of the network seems thrilled.

“Pure joy,” one Fox reporter told Rolling Stone of their reaction to the split. “No one is untouchable. It’s a great day for America, and for the real journalists who work hard every day to deliver the news at Fox.”

“It was a good move to part ways with Tucker,” added a producer. “He knowingly spread lies throughout his time at Fox, but I fear management will replace him with someone who is just like him … so there probably won’t be any real change.”

“Good riddance,” said a network correspondent. “For a while there it seemed like he was running the network. This clearly is a message that he’s not. In the interim, it’s a morale boost, that’s for sure.”

It sounds like the people who are happy to see Tucker go are the same ones who think Paul Ryan was a great politician.

Tucker knew this day was coming, but he didn’t see it happening that quick. His final show ended with him eating pizza that was delivered to the studio. “We’ll be back on Monday,” he said. “We’ll see you then.”

Sadly, we didn’t see Tucker on Monday, but he’ll be back in some way, on some other Monday, you can count on it.


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