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Several months back, Revolver published a shocking piece on U.S. meat farmers’ alleged plan to vaccinate livestock with the mRNA vaccine.

Dr. Malone was sounding the alarm about this startling move all the way back in January. Here’s in part what we wrote:

This could be one of the most alarming warnings yet from Dr. Malone. He wrote an essay on how mRNA vaccines are being injected into livestock and companion animals.

That means, if you consume the vaccinated animal, the mRNA vaccine enters your body.

Dr. Malone:

In today’s substack, the state of mRNA “vaccines” for animal “health” is discussed.  Citing public sources, I will review what is known and not known about commercial liaisons and partnerships, the corporations involved, ongoing research and products in various states of development.

Sadly, this shocking report from three months ago may become a reality this month.

Lawyer Tom Renz raised the red flag on Twitter, stating lobbyists for the cattleman and pork association in several states have confirmed they are going through with this mRNA vaccine this month.

This is very alarming for many people, who already believe U.S. food is chock full of far too many chemicals, hormones and added preservatives that are banned in other countries.

CBS News:

From baguettes to focaccia, Europe is famous for its bread. But there’s one ingredient conspicuously missing: Potassium bromate. It’s a suspected carcinogen that’s banned for human consumption in Europe, China and India, but not in the United States.

In the U.S., the chemical compound is used by some food makers, usually in the form of fine crystals or powder, to strengthen dough. It is estimated to be present in more than 100 products.

“There is evidence that it may be toxic to human consumers, that it may even either initiate or promote the development of tumors,” professor Erik Millstone, an expert on food additives at England’s University of Sussex, told CBS News. He said European regulators take a much more cautious approach to food safety than their U.S. counterparts.

Asked if it can be said with certainty that differences in regulations mean people in the U.S. have developed cancers that they would not have developed if they’d been eating exclusively in Europe, Millstone said that was “almost certainly the conclusion that we could reach.”

It’s not just potassium bromate. A range of other chemicals and substances banned in Europe over health concerns are also permitted in the U.S., including Titanium dioxide (also known as E171); Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) (E443); Potassium bromate (E924); Azodicarbonamide (E927a) and Propylparaben (E217).

Not to mention the stigma and controversy that is forever  attached to the mRNA vaccine. There are millions of people who want nothing at all to do with an mRNA vaccine, and they certainly don’t want to serve it for dinner.

Below is a statement from Texas Commissioner Sid Miller on the mRNA vax and livestock fury that’s sweeping through social media.

“Since news of the development of mRNA vaccines and mRNA-related treatments for livestock came to the attention of the Texas Department of Agriculture, we have been working towards developing a fact and science-based assessment of the risks associated with this technology. Our analysis will include the clinical research, the structure of existing Texas law, and the public policy, economic, and production impact of the different policy prescriptions we may adopt. I aim to ensure that Texas agriculture remains safe, trusted, healthy, and wholly uninfected by dangerous or unproven technology.”

“I personally take this issue very seriously. No political hot takes. Just a well-reasoned and well-researched proposal based on a wide range of input from stakeholders, scientists, agriculturalists, and other experts. We are looking at this issue at TDA and will share your concerns. Please stay tuned…”

The National Cattleman’s Association claims there is currently no licensing to administer mRNA vaccines in livestock and the news being spread around is “fake.”

Here is their statement:

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association responded Wednesday to rumors circulating social media about mRNA vaccines. Various posts claimed the cattle industry will soon be administering cows with mRNA vaccines in an effort to vaccinate humans against Covid-19 through the consumption of milk and beef.

In a statement to RFD-TV, NCBA said, “There are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States. Cattle farmers and ranchers do vaccinate cattle to treat and prevent many diseases, but presently none of these vaccines include mRNA technology.”

It should be noted that the publication who posted the statement from the Cattlemen’s Association and called the concern “fake news” is RFD TV — a Rural Media Group that was launched in December of 2000, RFD-TV is the nation’s first 24-hour television network featuring programming focused on the agribusiness…

We encourage you to read the entire Revolver piece on Dr. Malone’s warnings over mRNA vaccines in livestock. You can find that article here.


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