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Dan Crenshaw is by far one of biggest political disappointments in recent memory, and the final nail in Dan’s political coffin may have just been delivered by a fellow Navy SEAL named Eddie Gallagher.

Gallagher just released a bombshell video that’s gone mega-viral, exposing more ugly truths about Dan Crenshaw. According to Eddie, several congressmen revealed to him that Dan was feverishly working behind the scenes to sabotage him back when he was facing war crime charges – charges that were later dismissed.

But it gets even worse. According to Eddie, Dan was working behind the scenes to sabotage him while simultaneously vowing to Eddie’s family that he was doing all he could to help.

That’s bad enough, but Dan was also mounting a huge campaign against Eddie in Congress by urging other congressmen not to support him. By going out of his way to unjustly put a fellow Navy SEAL in prison for life, Crenshaw was essentially trying to “kill him,” Eddie says in his moving and infuriating account of Crenshaw’s double dealing behavior.

Eddie actually has a copy of a text from Dan to a fellow Navy SEAL which shows Dan once again vowing to do all he can to “save” Eddie from life in prison, while doing the exact opposite in reality. Incredible.

Dan Crenshaw sounds like a sociopath. Watch the bombshell exposé:

Is Dan Crenshaw Ted Bundy? Because this is some next-level evil scheming and plotting.

If you will recall, many conservatives had high hopes for Dan Crenshaw when he splashed on the scene back in 2018. Who can forget when Dan ended up on SNL after comedian Pete Davidson mocked him for wearing an eye patch.

Dan was a young, handsome Millennial who gave up his eye in service to his country — a hero. He wanted to represent Texas in Congress — of course the people of District 2 would give him that opportunity.

Boy, what a mistake that was. Crenshaw turned out to be just another warmongering globalist. He even aggressively defended disgraced RINO Liz Cheney after she voted to impeach President Trump at his second trial. Dan made sure to let everyone know that Liz had his “full support.

If his choice in friends wasn’t bad enough, Dan also mocked Christianity when he likened Jesus to a fictional hero archetype like Superman.

Later, when he was called out on it by a 10 year old girl at a town hall, Dan lost his marbles.

Dan’s lousy choice in friends or crummy personality might make him unlikeable, but his globalist desire to turn the GOP into the junk-science “green party” is really dangerous.

Dan’s “climate change” push makes perfect sense when you consider his connection to WEF and the “Young Global Leaders”.

Above all, Crenshaw is a neocon who will do anything to promote the Regime’s failed and corrupt war agenda. Here’s Crenshaw (again with the eyepatch) doing far more for Ukraine than he ever did for his fellow Navy SEAL Eddie — perhaps Eddie should have fought for Ukraine instead if he expected Crenshaw’s help?

Here’s Crenshaw opposing withdrawal of troops from Syria…

Here’s Crenshaw using Bush-era talking points to defend an American troop presence in the Middle East:

As a self-appointed “tough guy” who obediently salutes nearly every corrupt and bird-brained agenda devised by our illegitimate regime, Crenshaw embodies all of the fake masculinity Revolver News famously parodied in our piece about Black Rifle Coffee—the military “tough guy” coffee brand that was so tough it decided it couldn’t defend Kyle Rittenhouse in his moment of need (notice a pattern?).

It won’t be a shock to learn that Crenshaw and the Black Rifle Coffee folks are pals.

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Dan Crenshaw is just another Millennial who’s been duped by the left’s progressive agenda. He believes it’s his mission to turn the GOP into climate-fighting archetypal superheroes, just like, in his mind, Jesus Christ. Dan also thinks 2020 was a “fair election” and January 6th was an insurrection.

Most would agree that Crenshaw’s military service and his sacrifices are admirable and greatly appreciated. However, Dan clearly presented himself as a “based and redpilled” former Navy SEAL to the voters when that was clearly not the case. Crenshaw learned how to obey orders and, unfortunately, the ruling-class currently giving him orders have nothing but contempt for the American people.

Will Texas give Dan the boot? We’ll see…


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