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The left is on a mission to groom your children into little foot soldiers in the LGBTQ army. They’re amassing an arsenal of gays, queers, bisexuals and transgenders by sowing confusion in the weak minds of parents and their mentally ill children. It’s an all out effort to create and normalize an entirely new sub sect of fetish-loving freaks.


There’s a clear goal of creating a “new generation of drag kids,” as erotic clothing store owner Brandon Hilton puts it, as he celebrates a 9-year-old boy in makeup and a sequined body suit.

But there’s a mountain of research on the results of the early sexualization of children. It can be just as deadly as any mountain lion.

This assault on innocence has its defenders, of course. Psychologist Joe Kort, a “certified sexologist,” says that objections to drag queen story-hour programs are simply misogyny, homophobia and bigotry.

Writing in Psychology Today, Kort contends, “As a longtime sex and gender therapist, I know that there is no substance to the argument that exposing anyone, including children, to the reality of people with a different sexual orientation or gender identity influences the children’s innate sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The real victims of this movement disagree. Social contagion is a recognized scientific phenomenon. And what we’ve seen regarding gender questions is that what begins as confusion—common enough in children and young adolescents—is often turned into a clinical course of action, with tragic results.

“I saw a community full of so many people who had transitioned and it had finally made them happy,” one woman explains. “I looked at them and thought I would be happy too. I now know that I’m not a trans man—but I didn’t have enough therapy to explore what was really going on with me.”

What’s really disturbing is how this very powerful “recruitment” effort is taking place within our own woke military, and it’s being done without parents permission.

Former congressional candidate Robby Starbuck shared two disturbing video clips from a US base in Bahrain where the Navy told sailors that they speak to their children at age 12 in regards to gender identity, sex, and STDs.

When asked if this was done without parental consent, the Navy replied “yes.”

In the next video, the same nurse practitioner, who’s name is Nichole Benson, goes on to blame parents for suicides related to gender issues.

Benson, who was in Bahrain on January 7th 2021, nearly called into work to take a “mental health” day after the Capitol melee—that gives you an idea of what type of progressive drama queen we’re dealing with here. Perhaps we can all agree that this woman does need immediate mental care.

This clip was so disturbing that Trump loyalist Stephen Miller immediately chimed in after watching, and said, “This all can and must be defunded by the House.”

Amen, Stephen. We need the GOP to step up and fight, big time.


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