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Matt Taibbi, who gained notoriety as the journalist who broke many of the “Twitter Files” stories, has come out strongly against the dangerous TikTok ban which has morphed into the Stalinesque “RESTRICT Act.”

Matt called the RESTRICT Act a “terrifying bill” and a “watershed moment” for free speech.

Matt is right.

Why don’t Americans learn from past mistakes? Giving the government this much control is a road we must not travel down again, yet here we are.

And if you don’t think our free speech is in jeopardy, keep in mind that a Brooklyn, New York jury recently convicted Douglass Mackey of “conspiracy” for sharing an anti-Hillary meme and he now faces 10 years in a federal prison.

The assault on free speech in the USA is real and it’s coming from our own uniparty government.


The bill, known as the RESTRICT Act, would give the Commerce Department and White House sweeping new powers to ban or restrict a wide range of communications and technology products coming from China. The bill would deprive TikTok of a crucial legal defense that it used to defeat the Trump administration’s attempted ban in 2020, and is considered key to any meaningful effort by the Biden administration to ban the Chinese-owned app.

It looked as if this legislation was on schedule to sail through Congress and end up on Biden’s desk in record time.

The bill’s sponsors, Democrat Mark Warner from Virginia Republican RINO John Thune from South Dakota worked their magic and convinced over 20 of their fellow senators to support the bill.

But then things started falling apart.

  […] key senators are now suggesting they’re ambivalent about RESTRICT. A right-wing backlash to the legislation is building. And top Republicans in the House are claiming the Senate bill goes too easy on TikTok — and are spreading misinformation about it in the process.

No — being too “easy” on TikTok isn’t the issue, and neither is the tiresome “right-wing” “misinformation” boogieman nonsense.

The issue is the RESTRICT Act itself. It’s a virtual gut-punch to free speech and operates as a springboard for the government to control the entire internet.

Politico is twisting this issue into a political pretzel to try to cover for the fact that the RESTRICT Act is actually the Patriot Act for the internet.

The RESTRICT Act is a full-throttle assault on every Americans’ right and freedom to speak and read what they want, when they want, freely.

As a matter of fact, Ron Paul called out the RESTRICT act as the “Patriot Act” on steroids.


You can watch the entire show here:

The government is playing more  games. They’re using “Chinese TikTok” to scare Americans into surrendering their rights yet again.

Meanwhile, the FBI and CIA still run shadow operations on a multitude of social media platforms, including Twitter, even after Elon Musk took it over. However, the US government ignores that fact and only wants you scared over TikTok.

Chinese officials won’t arrest you for sharing an anti-Hillary meme, folks — but the US government sure will.

If Americans don’t wise up to these government plots quicker, we’re doomed, and it won’t matter who’s in White House or which party controls Congress.


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