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The regime has officially arrested President Trump in Manhattan. Trump flew into New York City on Monday, and turned himself in on Tuesday. President Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 sham charges related to alleged “hush money” paid to middle-aged porn strumpet Stormy Daniels.

Revolver shared photos of the courtroom incident. Many people were amazed at how Trump managed to look so calm and collected even under such extreme and dire circumstances. That’s a true leader.

You can check out the photos here.

Meanwhile, a lot has been said about the liberal activist judge who’s presiding over the case. His name is Juan Merchan and he’s clearly no fan of MAGA.


 Donald Trump fumed last week that the judge conducting his arraignment Tuesday — and likely overseeing his criminal trial — “HATES ME.”

The basis for Trump’s assessment, made on Truth Social Friday, is that the judge, Juan Merchan, presided over two unrelated criminal tax fraud cases involving Trump’s real estate firm and his former CFO, both of which resulted in outcomes unfavorable to the defense. In the case of former CFO Allen Weisselberg, Merchan, citing corporate greed, said he would have imposed a “stiffer sentence” than the five months jail time the ex-executive got from a plea deal.

In most professional situations, a judge like that would recuse himself. But there’s nothing professional about this situation — it’s strictly political.

Given that history, some New York lawyers suggested it would be bad optics for Merchan to preside over the new case against Trump. The court’s chief judge could intervene and handle the trial herself or replace Merchan with a different judge, according to a former court official.

But experts said there’s no legal basis to bar Merchan from presiding.

And we’re now finding out that there’s a lot more to this judge than being a MAGA-hater.

According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, the judge’s daughter is actually a Dem activist who works with some of the biggest and heaviest-hitting Trump-haters out there.

Here’s what Paul Sperry had to say: “BREAKING: The daughter of the Manhattan judge presiding over the Trump criminal case is a Democratic political strategist who worked on the congressional campaign of Democrat Rep. ADAM SCHIFF, who led the first impeachment of Trump”.

And Paul’s right on the money. Daily Mail also did a piece on the judges daughter. Her name is Lauren and she’s got quite a progressive resume under her belt.

Speculation of political bias is heightening surrounding Donald Trump’s indictment after it was revealed the daughter of the judge presiding over the case worked for Vice President Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential run and a slew of other progressive campaigns.

Trump railed against Judge Juan Manuel Merchan in a social media rant ahead of his arraignment on Tuesday afternoon with a post claiming the judge is from a ‘family of well known Trump haters.’

Loren Merchan, the 34-year-old daughter of the Manhattan judge, is partner and president of Authentic Campaigns, a progressive digital firm, and worked on several high-profile Democratic campaigns – including for President Joe Biden.

More here…

Of course, after hearing this, President Trump’s legal team called foul and once again asked for the Judge to be removed form the case and requested the trail be moved from Manhattan to the more politically neutral Staten Island.

It’s doubtful either of those requests will be approved. After all, the judge, venue, and jury have likely been hand-picked by the regime, and there’s no backing out now.

This is the most blatant, shameless, and dangerous political stunt the left has pulled yet, and that’s saying a lot, because they’ve unleashed some doozies.


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