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It’s not surprising that people act like clowns when the entire world feels like a circus, and this video, featuring a group of men strutting around in pink high heels, fits in perfectly under the global big tent.

“Hope in Heels” hosts an unserious stunt where men hobble around in pink high heels supposedly as a way to raise awareness about violence against women. However, these days, it actually looks more like a Bud Light conga line.

Canadian lawmakers got thrashed for participating in this pointless, virtue-signaling stunt that does absolutely nothing to help a single woman who’s dealing with violence.

If cross-dressing men were the solution to ending violence against women, we wouldn’t have a single incident these days.

In fact, the event is not only ineffective, but it just goes to show how so many men, especially on the left, have become pansies who can no longer say “No” in the face of insanity. Did one single Canadian lawmaker have the gumption to say “Hell no” to mincing about in high heels? And how exactly does all this mincing make women feel secure?

Fox News:

Twitter users had a field day lambasting male Canadian lawmakers who paraded around a room wearing pink high heel shoes in order to encourage men and boys to help combat violence against women.

Members of Canada’s Parliament donned the heels as part of the “Hope in High Heels” event sponsored by Halton Women’s Place, a women’s shelter in Ontario, to bring awareness to violence targeting women.

“Violence against women is still prevalent in our society,” Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra tweeted Thursday, along with a video of the event. “Hope in Heels is an event that spreads awareness on violence against women while encouraging men and boys to be part of the solution. We wore their signature pink heels in support to this important cause.”

Twitter users were quick to poke fun at the event, arguing that men wearing heels may not be effective in combating violence against women.

“Male politicians parading around in ‘signature’ pink high heels to be part of the violence against women solution. I’m so embarrassed for you this actually made my scalp tingle,” wrote Bernie Spofforth, a widely followed commentator who added a clown emoji at the end of her post.

“They may be male, but they are not men,” added Jim Hanson, an author, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, and president of WorldStrat Corporation.

Some Twitter users directed their focus on the entire country of Canada rather than just the lawmakers.

“Again, Canada is not a real country,” tweeted Jack Posobiec, senior editor of

According to recent statistics from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), one in four women have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner. That’s a staggering number, and in 2023, we don’t need awareness about violence against women—that’s like saying we need awareness about the common cold. What we need laws that will keep these violent scumbags locked up, instead of releasing them back out onto the streets so they can beat and kill again.

The New York Post:

A mom of three was executed in front of her kids less than 24 hours after her estranged husband was sprung from jail on no bail over a caught-on-camera beatdown she’d posted to her Facebook page in a desperate plea for help.

The shocking case — in Gov. Kathy Hochul’s western New York hometown — has sparked fresh outrage to New York’s no-cash-bail laws and to the governor and fellow Democrats for refusing to repeal them.

Adam Bennefield, 45, who has a prior conviction for kidnapping another ex at gunpoint, is now charged with shooting dead his 30-year-old wife, Keaira Bennefield.

The victim was taking her young children — ages 6 months to 9 years — to school on the morning of Oct. 5, when he ambushed her on a road and gunned her down, authorities said.

I highly doubt the last thoughts going through that poor woman’s mind was, “Thank God those old Canadian men wore pink heels…”

This stunt is nothing more than a pointless act of virtue signaling. Wearing silly shoes and wobbling around like a baby giraffe degrades and humiliates men and does nothing to make any woman feel safer. If people are serious about protecting women and men from violence, then men need to stand up and say “Hell no” to the crazy left and the violent, criminal men they enable.


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