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The DOJ seems to have targeted an anonymous Twitter poster simply because he got on Hillary’s nerves.

She’s still sour about Doug Mackey and is spreading lies about how he ran a “deliberate effort to deceive people about where and how to vote.” And what is this business about targeting algorithms? Most people who texted that number did so after the national media broadcast the memes in question, and besides, what sophisticated fraudster would put them out under this profile picture?

These people don’t care. Douglass Mackey’s real crime was embarrassing the regime.

You can support Mr. Mackey and his appeal process regarding this very important First Amendment case by donating to his legal defense fund:

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If you’re concerned about privacy you can give anonymously:

If you’re not familiar with this case, we encourage you to read the two Revolver pieces here and here.

And don’t forget the power of prayer. Please pray for Douglass Mackey as he keeps fighting for free speech in the United States.


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