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Everybody remembers the “Speaker of the House showdown.” where McCarthy’s gavel was basically held hostage until he agreed a list of demands from the Freedom Caucus and other congressional rebels.

One of the demands McCarthy eventually agreed to was releasing the 40+ thousand hours of unseen January 6th footage that Dems and GOP RINOs refused to release.

However, the Freedom Caucus and the American people were somewhat duped.

McCarthy didn’t actually “release” the J6 footage to the public, as everyone had anticipated. Instead he turned over the 40+ thousand hours of footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Tucker quelled a lot of those fears by coming out of the gate strong with a series of clips from January 6th that destroyed Pelosi and Kinzinger’s narrative. The clips showed Capitol Police guiding so-called “insurrectionists” like the horned Q-anon guy, around the the Capitol as if they were friendly tour guides enjoying an afternoon stroll.

It certainly didn’t match the narrative from Pelosi and her ilk, who’ve painted these patriots as monsters who were hell-bent on overturning the entire US government with their fanny packs and water bottles.

In addition, McCarthy also vowed to turn over the footage to all January 6th defendants. Marjorie Taylor Greene made the announcement about J6 defendants getting access to the footage from her official Twitter account.

However, that’s the last we heard of it. It’s never been mentioned again. But things get stranger…

In March, just after McCarthy handed the J6 footage over to Tucker, he revived his pledge to release the J6 footage to the public. During an interview, McCarthy stated once again that the footage would be released to the public.

Town Hall:

In the name of transparency, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has vowed to release the Jan. 6, 2021, security footage to the general public.

During an interview with Breitbart, McCarthy explained the more than 40,000 hours of tape will need to be reviewed first to address any security concerns.

The pledge comes after the California Republican gave the footage to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, who has been covering portions of the previously unseen video this week.

Fair enough, we understand it takes time to go through 40+ thousand hours of footage. However, an” eta” on the process would go a long way in calming the rough political seas. It’s rather perplexing why the Speaker hasn’t provided an update, given the gravity of this issue.

Many wonder if the head honchos at Fox put the kibosh on the entire project and yanked the plug out of the wall. Or is it another situation involving “security?” If that’s the case an announcement should be made so the public understands why there’s been this very sudden delay.

As it stands now, many feel as if they’ve been duped by the GOP yet again, and as a result, the natives on social media are getting very restless — and honestly, you can’t blame them.

Let’s face it, a little communication goes a long way – so how ’bout it, Kevin?… Release an update on the January 6th footage so we can manage our expectations accordingly.


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