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Journalist Alastair Botswick dropped a very interesting tweet recently that may answer why Tucker hasn’t specifically spoken out about his departure from Fox. As you know, Fox News and Tucker parted ways. The sudden and abrupt announcement of Tucker’s departure left viewers shocked and confused.

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And many people are anxiously waiting to hear what really happened from Tucker himself. However, those people may be waiting for quite a while, because according to Alastair, Tucker Carlson has not been officially “fired” by Fox News. Instead, he’s being “held hostage” by the company, and as a result, can’t provide details about the “breakup.”

Fox has a history of taking action against those who speak out against the company. According to many insiders, Tucker is still under contract with the network, but he’s currently unable to access his email or film his show thanks to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott.

Steve Bannon also discussed this very issue on his show:

Some of you may have realized this already, because this type of behavior is not uncommon for large corporations like Fox News. These companies often use contracts and money to silence employees and maintain control over them, even when they’re not part of the “fold” anymore.

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In this case, it seems that Fox News is doing exactly that, keeping Tucker from speaking out on what really happened or mentioning other issues they may find controversial or damaging, like the case involving Tucker’s disgruntled former producer Abby Goldberg, who’s now suing Tucker and his team for simply acting like normal, healthy guys.

However, leave it to Tucker to find a way to skirt around the blockade and say what needs to be said. That’s exactly what he did on Wednesday, when he released a short but very powerful video, calling out the uniparty dirtbags, but cleverly never mentioning Fox News’ name. The video has already garnered over 16 million views… talk about an epic backfire for Fox News.

Tucker didn’t have to say “Fox News,” or mention anybody else’s name—we all knew exactly what he meant in that message. See you soon, Mr. Carlson.


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