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A woman by the name of Xi Van Fleet, who describes herself as Chinese by birth; American by choice. Survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Defender of liberty, made waves on social media recently when she posted a powerful warning to the Democrat Party.

This woman is on a mission to save the United States from internal destruction by the Democrat Party, because she knows what it’s like to live under the horrors of communism. And her warning to the lawless Democrat elites weaponizing the law, empowering criminals, and terrorizing law-abiding patriots is clear, stark, and prescient: you will be hoisted on your own petard.

Here’s what she said:

When surrounded by the Red Guard mobs, Liu Shaoqi tried to reason with them: “I am at least a citizen. Why am I not allowed to speak?”

Liu was the president of China when he was purged by Mao. While in power, Liu persecuted countless ppl whose lives were ruined or lost. Don’t think he had ever imagined that one day he would become the victim of Mao’s tyranny that he helped to create.

The Leftists are so committed to the destruction of rule of law & our Constitution. They need to prepare to be the victims of their own lawlessness one day!

The Revolution always eats its own, after all.

Nom nom nom.

Van Fleet’s story is interesting in and of itself. In another tweet, she explains how 35 years ago her dreams were realized when she was granted a student visa to come to the U.S. And while she loves America with all her heart, she can see that we’re heading off a cliff and she’s here to save us.

God Bless her.

Inevitably, karma strikes back against those who go against God’s law and oppress God’s children. They will become victims of their own tyranny one day.

There’s no way around it. History repeats itself.

Xi’s tweet is raw and powerful, and makes us think about the dangers of totalitarianism and the consequences of forcing our beliefs on others. It’s a good reminder that democracy is built on the free speech and open discussion. When we impose our beliefs on others and censor them in the name of “good” and “fairness,” we undermine everything this county was founded on.

Dems are the party of authoritarianism and censorship, and they force their beliefs on others while silencing any opposing views. If you have to resort to authoritarian measures to impose you ideology, that means your beliefs aren’t strong enough to stand on their own, and you’re probably not the “good guys” after all.