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If you’re toiling over what to make for breakfast this weekend, fret no more – we’ve got you covered with an Ancient Roman French toast recipe that you can make for your next special occasion.

Imagine, walking into your church social and someone says, “Oh, I brought a hash brown casserole,” and you look them square in the eye and respond with,”Nice! I brought Ancient Roman French toast…”

Hands down, you win…

But in all seriousness, this is a very interesting and authentic ancient recipe that dates back 2000 years.

This dish is officially called “Aliter Dulcia,” which translated means “otherwise sweet.”

Like it’s modern day counterpart, this ancient French toast dish is humble in both ingredients and preparation, but simplicity aside, it promises to be every bit as luscious and delectable as today’s version. Maybe more so.

I think the olive oil and honey flavors would combine to create a magical earthy and floral explosion in your mouth.


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You can practically hear Emperor Augustus smacking his lips is pure syrupy ecstasy.

But did you know that so many of the staples we eat today have deep ancient roots?

Of course, most people realize foods like stews, roasted meats, and many desserts go way back in history, but tasty treats like tamales, pancakes, and even popcorn also date back to ancient times.

But what about french fries and ketchup? Well, fear not, the Ancient Romans have you covered.

Sort of…

Of course, this isn’t traditional “fries and ketchup” like we’d eat today, but it’s definitely similar and maybe even healthier and tastier, perhaps?

What we have here is an ancient recipe for parsnip fries with a wine dipping sauce.

O lala…

This recipe comes from 4th century Rome, AD.


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♬ Ancient Rome – Cercles Nouvelles

Imagine that dish paired with a perfectly grilled medium-rare steak.


Something else interesting to note about the Ancient Romans and their eating habits, is that a lot of their food was very soft and mushy – and there was a very practical reason for this.

The Romans ate with their hands quite often or with bread, so the softer the food the easier it was to scoop up.

And what’s even more interesting is that vegetables back in ancient times were much more fibrous than they are today. So, if you wanted your veggies to be palatable, you had to cook the ever-loving life out of them.


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♬ Ancient Rome Music – bluepanda

And if roasted meat was more your style, then what about baking a nice juicy flamingo or parrot in date sauce?



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There’s no doubt, Ancient Rome was bursting with flavor, colors, and even some rather eccentric delights – but they weren’t the only ancient civilization making mind0blowing food.

Not to be outdone, the Ancient Egyptians knew how to throw down in the kitchen, too.

One of the most famous Ancient Egyptian dishes is called “Tiger Nut Cake.” It’s a 3000 year old recipe that was actually discovered in the tomb of an 18th Dynasty noble by the name of Rekhmire.


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♬ Ancient Rome Music – bluepanda

There’s no denying that the ancients really knew what they were doing when it came to food preparation.

That’s not to say progress hasn’t done wonders for the food world, after all, not everything that’s “processed” is bad for you.

However, what isn’t so good is how far we’ve traveled away from the original humble beauty and simple necessity of food.

These days, it’s less about survival and more about gluttony and desire.

So, why not step back in history and return to your ancient roots this weekend and whip up a 2000 year old plate of historic French toast for you and your family?

If you’re interested in purchasing the legendary Roman cookbook “Apicius” you can find it here.

Buon appetito!


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