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At this stage of the game, is there any legitimate doubt about where the COVID virus originated? Clearly, it didn’t come from a steaming bowl of bat soup, or as the geniuses over at The Atlantic claim – a raccoon. It obviously came from the Wuhan lab. It seems that most serious-minded people agree with this assessment.

But of course, Dr. Fauci doesn’t agree, and he’s gone to great lengths to crush any talk about a lab leak. Early on, when this theory first started floating around, Fauci was front-and-center, with his little sword drawn, feverishly cutting down anybody who suggested that could be what happened.

Thou dost protest too much…

Now, most everyone agrees that’s exactly how the virus “magically” came to be.

And as a result, Fauci is now doing some backpedaling –  not a lot – but enough to where you can see he’s starting to get a bit nervous… and perhaps it’s time he start sweating under the collar. After all, if just one card shifts out of place, his entire house of lies will come crashing down.

And maybe we’re getting closer to that point.

During a recent Newsmax interview we discovered that the missing puzzle piece in the Fauci pandemic scandal is likely a woman by the name of Dr. Wang Yanyi.

More secrets from the ghoulish little doc.

Apparently, Dr. Fauci is a tiny little man full of some very big secrets… and this latest one could be the most intriguing yet.

So, who is this very intriguing woman?

Well, according to Wikipedia, Dr. Wang Yanyi, is a 42-year-old Chinese immunologist and virologist. In 2018, she became the director general at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the deputy director for Wuhan in the China Zhi Gong Party.

In this high-stakes game of chess, Dr.Yanyi could be the “checkmate” moment we’ve been waiting for.

She could very well be the key to everything. Will Congress take note and call her in for questioning?


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