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It takes a lot of work and a great deal of planning to keep the infamous drug kingpin “El Chapo” incarcerated. After all, he’s escaped twice from Mexican prison and embarrassed his government in the process.

After the latest escape, Mexican officials packed up the “Hispanic Houdini” and shipped him to America… where he now resides in a hellhole prison nicknamed “life after death – the USP Florence Admax.

This controversial prison is arguably the most secure on earth. To get a flavor for what this place is like, have a listen to what former mob hitman Sammy “the bull” Gravano had to say about his time there:

And US prison officials are on the highest alert ever when it comes to El Chap.

However, it’s not just El Chapo they’re worried about and heavily monitoring – they don’t trust their guards either, not around him, anyway.

After all, El Chapo is a billionaire and could probably bribe almost any guard in that joint to help him escape, if given the opportunity.

That’s why officials at the “USP FLORENCE ADMAX” in Colorado, take extra special care when dealing with the notorious drug lord.

It’s almost as if they’re housing James Bond.

A TikTok channel called “The Convict Network” put out four riveting videos exposing what life is like for El Chapo and the guards who work around him inside the “Supermax” prison – a prison that houses some of the most high-profile prisoners in the country. Criminals like Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, among others, have called this Supermax home.

In the first clip, we explore El Chapo’s two earlier escapes in Mexico and his final arrival in Colorado’s impenetrable fortress.


El Chapo’s life in prison #el #chapo #convict

♬ original sound – The Convict Network

In the second clip we go behind the walls of ADX and learn about “Range 13,” the highest security unit where El Chapo is housed:


Replying to @The Convict Network El Chapo’s life behind bars #el #chapo #convict

♬ original sound – The Convict Network

In the next clip we see how ADX officials have tailor made a highly-sophisticated, safety program and created incredible protocols to ensure El Chapo remains in the building at all times:


Replying to @The Convict Network El Chapo’s life in prison #el #chapo #convict

♬ original sound – The Convict Network

In the final clip we get a closer look at El Chapo’s actual cell, his view from the so-called “window,” and where he spends his “free time.”

It’s not pretty…


Replying to @The Convict Network El Chapo’s life in prison #el #chapo #convict

♬ original sound – The Convict Network

That was an interesting peek into the “afterlife” of drug royalty.

ADX has been open since 1995, and nobody has ever escaped.

That’s an impressive record.

However, clearly, prison officials aren’t taking any chances with El Chapo. If anyone can find a way out, it’s definitely him, and they know it.

You can learn more about the ADX Supermax prison here:


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