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Fires burned off in the distance, as thousands of tractors filled the streets of Brussels. The farmers are fighting back against the globalist “green agenda” that is threatening their very way of life.

The grassroots effort started in Belgium’s northern region of Flanders. Thousand of farmers drove their tractors into the bustling streets of Brussels on Friday to protest against a government plan to limit nitrogen emissions.

Local police say the number of tractors clogging the streets reached nearly 3,000.

Many of the farmers decked out their tractors with signs. One sign in particular said it all: “Proud to be a farmer.”

Credit: Reuters


Agricultural organisations said in a joint statement that the nitrogen agreement as it now stands “will cause a socio-economic carnage”. They wanted the agreement to better reflect future prospects for the farm sector.

“We are all convinced that something has to change nitrogen-wise, but the agricultural sector should not be treated differently to the industrial sector”, protester Leen Engelen said, referring to one of the disputed points in the draft bill.

Many who came to protest in Brussels on Friday feel the same way.

“Our sector is already making a lot of effort and is willing to do so as well, but (the government) expects more and more from us while the industry sector is also expanding”, said Liesje Van Loon, who owns a goat farm.

The video of the protest event is quite impressive. You can hear some kind of explosion occur and even see a large plume of black smoke off in the distance, as rows of tractors take over the streets.

Meanwhile, over in the Netherlands, farmers are flat-out refusing to cooperate with the governments “green agenda” on limiting nitrogen emissions.

Much like Belgium, this move would destroy the entire industry… and that’s probably the point.

God bless these famers, keep up the good fight, fellas!


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