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President Trump rolled into Waco, Texas where he put on quite a show for a huge crowd that started lining up at dawn to see him.

There’s no denying it, President Trump still has that magic touch.

The crowds just kept growing as the day went on.

Kari Lake put it best when she said the MAGA movement is just getting stronger.

And without a doubt, this will be one of the biggest flags you ever see.

As the crowds filled in eager to see President Trump, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green reiterated that President Trump was the undisputed leader of the Republican Party.

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent kicked things off in classic “rockstar” style with one of the most savage “mic drop” moments you’ll ever hear at a political rally.

The Motor City Madman demanded his money back from Ukraine; stating he did not “authorize” any of his cash to go to a “homosexual weirdo.”

Clearly, he was referring to Zelensky with that brutal jab.

Wow. Impressive-looking crowd for Trump.


Marjorie Taylor Green greeted the crowd and called out the left’s weaponization of the judicial system against President Trump, J6 prisoners, and Douglass Mackey, who’s on trial for sharing an anti-Hillary meme and faces 10 years in prison.

Matt Gaetz spoke to the crowd, dressed in his spiffy red jacket. He spoke about the “Fedsurection” during January 6th, and made a distinct reference to Ron DeSantis’ establishment and NeverTrump ties.

Trump made a grand entrance into the rally. He did a fly-by with the official “Top Gun” song blasting.

They played “Justice for All” to kick off the official rally.

If you want to download this #1 song on iTunes you can find it here.

President Trump called on Republicans to get tougher.

Yes. please…

Trump says he will listen to us, not them – another dig at DeSantis’ strong ties to the GOP establishment.

President Trump slammed leftists for allowing violent thugs to roam the streets victimizing Americans, while innocent people are targeted by the FBI for political purposes.

President Trump calls out Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi and their ilk as the biggest threats to the US.

Justice will be done when the repulsive politcal class is thrown out of office.


President Trump brings back a familiar and powerful mantra.

Trump trashes the NY case against him and disgraced Michael Cohen.

The wall just got 10-feet higher.

Trump vows to end the chaos and disaster Biden has created at the border.


Trump locks in on energy, vowing to bring back our independence.

The Deep State wants to keep the war in Ukraine rolling.

We have a dementia patient marching us toward WW3


The crowd definitely wanted to hear this message about the vaccine.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Trump’s got a positive message for the future of America:

Trump even has a plan to end our dependence on China. Completely.

We will make America Great Again, again.

Trump says he will be president again. Do you believe him?

Watch the full rally here




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