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One thing the Biden Regime and the disgraced FBI have done successfully is scare conservatives into sitting home and dutifully accepting everything bad that’s thrown in their faces – no questions asked.

After what happened on January 6th, right-wing Americans are absolutely terrified of protesting; fearing they’ll be railroaded by a politically corrupt FBI and tossed into solitary confinement like animals.

Can you blame them? Well, yes and no.

Yes, we have a corrupt system that is being used as a political weapon to crush dissent. But no, we can’t remain trembling in our safe spaces, afraid to speak up ever again.

Peaceful protesting is one of our greatest tools and weapons against a totalitarian regime and we can’t surrender our right to peacefully gather because of the unfortunate events that took place on  January 6th – likely due in part to the FBI and Capitol Police.

And that’s the message President Trump put out today, as news of his impending arrest hits a fever pitch.

These illegitimate political elites are actually debating whether or not to handcuff the 45th President of the United States and “perp walk” him.

At this point, many are wondering if this entire hoopla is just an elaborate stunt to get a mugshot of President Trump…

Infamous NeverTrumper Rich Lowry from The National Review floated that idea in a piece appropriately titled: Alvin Bragg Prepares to Torch His Credibility for a Mug Shot.

And speaking of Alvin Bragg- he’s the New York City District Attorney who received $1 million bucks from Soros for his NY DA election. And now, as payback to his globalist master, Bragg is turning the USA into a third-world despot by arresting the leader of the the opposition party and labeling it as some cockamamy attempt to “fight corruption.”

Keep in mind, this is all hinging around a campaign finance violation. In short, Bragg is seeking to indict Trump over a situation that’s regularly handled by paying an FEC fine.

If he moves forward with this – which by all accounts, that’s precisely what he plans to do –  the United States of America will have crossed the point of no return.

However, rumor has it, Mr. Bragg’s plan is not being well-received by the majority of people in his office. That’s what former NYC cop John Cardillo shared on Twitter.

So, keeping all of that in mind, President Trump took to Truth Social and issued one of the most passionate and blistering statements we’ve ever heard from him, including a call for his supporters to protest and take back our nation.

The left will obviously “pounce” on this message and claim President Trump is “once again” inciting “violence,” but that’s all part of the blueprint to silence dissent.

Please, pray for President Trump, and our country, thanks to this communist regime, we’re about to head down a very dark and sinister road.


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