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There’s no denying that there’s a tremendous amount of chaos and upheaval happening at the US border. Ever since Joe Biden took over and canceled President Trump’s successful border policies, it’s been absolute mayhem, and record numbers of illegals have been flooding over.

When most of us think of the border crisis we imagine immigrants from Latin America coming across. And while that’s mostly correct, there’s a new concerning phenomenon occurring at the border, and the US government is being rather quiet about it.

There’s a recent video from Fox News that shows military-aged Chinese men crossing over our border at an alarming rate. The story claims there’s so many of these young men flooding across that officials can’t house them all. It’s now an “overwhelming problem.”

This has many people concerned and wondering if China is using our wide open border to build a secret army within the US.

There’s an interesting Substack on this very topic written by a Twitter user who goes by the handle “Amuse.”

In the piece Amuse argues that China could be using our nations open borders to build up an “army” on US soil.

His theory dates back to an ancient one, based on terra-cotta statues.


While the Biden administration is fixated on its proxy war in Ukraine, emptying both our ammunition stockpiles and our strategic petroleum reserve, China is quietly sending thousands of military-age males across our southern border. Just as the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, built his secret terracotta army to accompany him in the afterlife President Xi is building a secret modern-day terracotta army right here in our backyard. The question our policymakers should be asking is WHY?

Amuse makes an interesting point when he discusses the “logistics” of actually getting to the US as a Chinese citizen. It’s not that easy to just stroll out of the country when you live in China. So, how are they doing it and who’s helping them?

It is virtually impossible for Chinese nationals to leave China without permission much less buy an airline ticket to Ecuador and pay the $10,000-$30,000 cartels charge to cross the border. To purchase an airline ticket to Ecuador Chinese nationals must have a passport and an exit visa. Fewer than 10% of Chinese nationals have a passport and it is practically impossible to get an exit visa without an act of God. Somehow thousands of military-age men from China are booking tickets to Ecuador with nothing more than a backpack and a passport. Once they reach Ecuador they are met by CCP-backed NGOs who arrange their travel to the US border. Given these facts, it is almost certain that China’s Ministry of State Security is organizing and funding the invasion.

Muse claims the Mexican drug cartels are assisting with moving Chinese nationals into the US. Once here, he claims they’re heavily monitored by underground Chinese groups.

Once these Chinese nationals are in the US they are monitored and supervised by a network of Chinese aid organizations. Six years ago China’s Communist Party began a concerted program to fill both domestic and international NGOs with loyal party members in an effort to spread its influence and control.6
Additionally, China has opened more than 100 police stations in countries around the world including the US.7
In the US they’re typically called ‘aid stations’ and provide a connection between the hundreds of thousands of illegal Chinese nationals and the Communist Party—kidnapping and returning those that turn their back on the party.

There’s a lot to be worried about at the US border, and this issue should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Here is the Fox News video that blew the lid off on what’s really  happening at the border regarding these young Chinese men.

The Substack written by Amuse is worth reading in full. You can find it here.


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