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There’s been a lot of talk about the COVID vaccine and pregnant women lately, and unfortunately, none of it is good news. Sadly, we now know nobody bothered to perform fertility testing regarding the vaccine.

Which is unfathomable.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, much of the data we’re seeing now regarding pregnancy and the vaccine is extremely worrisome.

Sonia Elijah Substack:

One of the most alarming data sets I came across fell under this category. From Spring 2021, health authorities in most of the developed nations started to encourage pregnant and lactating women to get the novel mRNA vaccine. The damning data in the PSUR which was signed off by the summer of 2021, should have made those authorities do an abrupt U-turn but it didn’t.

Based upon the above request by the WHO, the MAH (BioNTech) looked at the outcome of the pregnancy cases observed in the clinical trial data. Table 39 below, shows 26 pregnancy outcomes from the 149 unique pregnancy cases, recorded during the reporting interval. Of those 26 outcomes, 15 resulted in spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) and 5 of the pregnancy outcomes resulted in live births with congenital anomalies.

Table 39: Clinical Trial Data: Pregnancy Outcome during the Reporting Interval

In response to this shocking and damning data, the report says only this: “there was limited information regarding mother’s obstetric history which precluded meaningful causality assessment.”

Wow. These are our so-called experts, folks.

And even after this damning report was made public, if you Google “Covid Vaccine/Pregnancy” you wont find any information beyond the typical propaganda:

Sadly, you must dig very deep on the internet to find anything “COVID” related that’s not riddled with propaganda.

But the good news is that many big names are speaking out.

In response to the CDC’s lack of fertility testing, Joe Rogan brought up a valid point regarding the COVID vaccine and pregnancy.

“You can’t drink; you can’t smoke. You can’t do this; you can’t that. But yet with this vaccine with zero testing on any pregnant people — was fine! And encouraged.”

However, it was actor and comedian Rob Schneider who sounded the loudest alarm bells when he wondered why on earth women haven’t taken to the streets and burned cities to the ground over this latest discovery.

Rob was referencing the shocking viral clip featuring Dr. Tina Peers, who further discusses how experts did absolutely no fertility testing regarding the COVID vaccine.

Rob clarified that his tweet was not meant to insight violence, but his point is well taken.

What will it take and how much abuse will the American people endure before they finally wake up to what’s happening and and say “enough”?


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