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This just in from Christopher Rufo:


Video report from Newsmax:

This is quite the revelation.

Revolver has the background on how this happened — it was a DeSantis triumph:

In early January, out of nowhere, DeSantis announced a sweeping series of appointments to the New College’s board. In one day, six new trustees were named. Among them were Christopher Rufo, who should need no introduction, as well as Hillsdale government professor Matthew Spalding, and Claremont Review of Books editor Charles Kesler.

Read the rest: “DeSantis’ “New Florida College” Triumph Is the Blueprint for Recapturing “Woke” Institutions Across the Country”.

Here’s what Rufo had to say in the wake of DeSantis’ big move:

Governor DeSantis has tasked us with something that has never been done: institutional recapture. If we are successful, the effort can serve as a model for other states.

My proposals include redesigning the curriculum to align with the classical model; abolishing DEI programs and replacing them with “equality, merit, and colorblindness” principles; adopting the Kalven statement on institutional neutrality; restructuring the administration and academic departments; recruiting new faculty with expertise in the classical liberal arts tradition; and establishing a graduate school for training teachers in classical education.

[City Journal]

More from Revolver:

DeSantis chose well in making his first target a tiny school with no brand or name recognition. DeSantis’s conquest is clearly a test run, with lower stakes, executed against a small and obscure school with little institutional power to resist.

DeSantis recognized a reality that has long been true, but the right has been inexcusably sluggish to act on: In a world where academia is absolutely consumed with politics, a seat on a public college’s board of trustees is a political position, and needs to be treated like one. Republicans have (mostly) learned not to appoint random people as judges. Board of regents seats should be treated with the same level of import. Of DeSantis’ new trustees, only one of them actually attended the New College. Most of them aren’t even from Florida. But so what? For the mission DeSantis has in mind, they are perfect.

But the best part? This is just one of many excellent things that Florida is doing, all at the exact same time. While Chris Rufo and Matthew Spalding go Shock and Awe on Woke U., Florida’s Board of Education scored a big win of its own when it rejected the College Board’s brand new AP African American Studies class as unsuited for Florida’s classrooms due to its espousal of critical race theory and other topics.

Universal vouchers, weakening tenure, core curricula, CRT bans, and more: it’s all hitting, all at once. This may be one of the regime’s core ideological domains, yet there is a very real sense that they are caught off-guard and being overtaken by the sheer speed of events. By the time the New York Times got around to covering the New College story in any detail at all, the coup was already nearly over.

So what are Republicans in other states waiting for? It’s time for conservatives everywhere to take what DeSantis is doing nationwide, to red states across the nation.

But rather than give the regime a chance to collect itself and figure out what is going on, there is a chance to make the momentum even stronger. Every state in America is holding a legislative session this spring. Now presents a golden opportunity to grab as much territory on education as possible, while Florida leads the way. There is real added power in many states all taking action at once: left-wing activist groups have their resources stretched, states are more resistant to any private-sector “don’t rock the boat” pressure, and courts find it tougher to justify rolling it all back.

While two states have already passed universal school choice this spring, and others are planning it, every red state should be setting that as an objective for this legislative session. But even more importantly, concerned citizens nationwide must quickly learn how to adapt the New College plan to other publicly-controlled universities across the country.

Get moving, GOP. Time of of the essence.


Revolver: Total Victory: DeSantis’ “New Florida College” Triumph Is the Blueprint for Recapturing “Woke” Institutions Across the Country

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