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We’ve been hearing the word “genocide” bandied about a lot lately. The media, Dems, Hollywood and LGBTQ activists have been using the word “genocide” to describe what is currently happening to transgender folks in America.

But what exactly does genocide mean?

The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of any “large-scale” mass killings within the transgender community that would even come remotely close to the definition of “genocide”

If you Google “trans killings” and try to do your own research with stats and facts, you’ll quickly discover this is a one-narrative issue.

However, about 7 pages deep into the Google search, Chad Felix Greene’s brilliant article titled “I Crunched The Data. The Violence ‘Epidemic’ Against Transgender People Is A Myth” finally pops up.

Chad’s in-depth research of the facts and stats revealed that  trans people are not facing genocide.

Here’s brief summary of Chad’s findings.

The Federalist:

What we do know from all available resources is that the violence these individuals experience occurs to a very broad range of people with diverse backgrounds and identities. It is clearly more an issue of high-risk environments than identity-based discrimination.

Another important element to recognize is that regardless of gender identity, local, state, and federal authorities take each case very seriously, and more than half of reported crimes have resolved in sentencing. No one is looking the other way or tolerating this violence, and certainly not because the victims are transgender.

The truth is there is very little our government or society could do to reduce these incidents. They result from cultural influences, dangerous environments, and high-risk engagements. The most powerful effects the left, LGBT advocacy and media, and Democratic leaders could have in protecting transgender people would be to tell the truth about prostitution, drugs, risky sex practices, and domestic violence. Continuing the narrative of fighting hatred and bigotry will do nothing more than win popularity points; it won’t save lives.

Yet, even though the numbers don’t add up, the left continues to push this dangerous messaging to mentally ill, and potentially violent people.

Here is Jane Fonda recently on ABC’s “The View” demonizing Christians and coyly calling for their murder.

And if that’s not bad enough, here is radical left-wing activist Cenk telling transgender people to purchase guns because they’re being “targeted” by the right.

Keep in mind, from 2018-2023 there have been 4 trans-shootings. Three happened at a school and one at a Rite Aid.


What we’re actually dealing with is media genocide.

The media is egging on an army of confused, mentally ill young people to take up arms against the so-called evil Christian right-wing who wants to “eliminate” them through legislation and mass murder.

If you were confused and mentally ill, a powerful message like that might resonate with you.

And to back up that message, the media and politicians use manipulated stats and data to push their doom and gloom story.

Now, they have created a valid reason to urge trans people to buy guns.


As a result, we get this:






And sadly this:

New Details Emerge About Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale's Manifesto

So, when Don Jr. took to Twitter and announced that he found the most accurate meme ever, he wasn’t messing around.

Jr posted a meme that calls out the media for their blatant hypocrisy, yes, but the actual message goes much deeper than that.

Here’s a closeup of the meme:


The media is creating “victims” for a much bigger purpose than you may realize.

Because when victimized people commit murder or loot, or shoot up a school, the media can give then a reason. It was somebody’s else fault or somebody else’s bad treatment that forced these poor, sweet victimized people to commit the crime, bla bla ba.

And if you don’t think that’s the message on the left, guess again:

These leftist women believe trans killer Audrey Hale is a victim and the real criminals are Christians.

Don Jr.’s meme perfectly exposes this very dangerous victimhood narrative.

Psychology Professor Sam Vaknin said something very powerful on this topic.

“The potential for aggression and even violence in victimhood movements is much larger than in the general public. Anything that is grievance-based leads to violence and death.”

He’s right.

The left is creating these so-called “diverse societies” and within that little melting pot, they’re singling out certain groups and painting them as “super victims.”

Doing this makes that sub-group of “diversity” far more susceptible to violence.

The victim mindset ultimately leads to “justified violence.” It turns everyone in the group into a potential martyr who has a some twisted responsibility to save the group from tis impending fantastical genocide.

This is extremely dangerous, and our irresponsible propaganda media and the entire left-wing apparatus are pushing this deadly message as we speak, and we’re watching in real-time the deadly consequences.


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