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There are milestones and defining moments in every politicians career. Whether it be the passing of a monumental law, victory after a hard-fought battle, or a speech for the ages; these significant mile-markers define a leader and his legacy.

President Trump had  one of those mile-marker moments at CPAC on Saturday night.

Arguably, Trump delivered one of the strongest speeches of his life in that packed auditorium. He had pep in his step, he presented fresh, new policy ideas, and offered an optimistic outlook on the future with a sprinkling of righteous revenge.

There was so much good in the speech, but one line defined it all and will likely be “memed” for years to come…

“I am your retribution.”

Those are some very powerful words…

And while President Trump did outline many fresh new policies, he didn’t forget the people’s unfinished business.

Many worry that we can’t win an election after what transpired in 2020. But Trump boldly addressed that as well.

Charlie Kirk took to Twitter and captured the moment: My favorite part of the speech, and probably the most important: “Until we can eliminate ballot harvesting, we will become masters at ballot harvesting.”

Mike Lindell believes President Trump’s focus on our convoluted elections will be the deciding factor that saves this country.

Trump, a real estate man at heart, loves artistic, beautiful buildings. So, naturally, he reiterated his passion for ending soulless, ugly modern architecture and returning to the beauty of classical western style.

And in one of his most popular proposals, Trump eyes repealing the DC Home rule.

It was a speech for the ages and a defining moment in Trump’s political comeback. Also, it stood in stark contrast to the tired old “left-wing” identity politics being pushed by Nikki Haley.

The good people of CPAC are clearly ready for this bold new vision and some much-deserved “retribution.”


The galvanized crowd loved every moment of Trump, and removed any ambiguity as to Trump’s front-runner status.

President Trump made it clear that the days of the GOP of freaks, neocons, and corrupt globalists is over—“we are never going back to the party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush”:

The GOP base and fed-up American people have made it clear what they want — retribution. It’s gonna be a wild ride folks.


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