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Hershey has really stepped in it this time. The term “Hershey Highway” takes on a whole new and disturbing meaning after the famous chocolatier decided to make a trans-man the new face of their candy bar.

Yes, because that’s just what kids want to see before they take a bite of sweet, delicious candy – a grown man wearing a wig and makeup. That’s the type of stuff parents warned you about when you were little. “Don’t take candy from strange men…” Hershey can’t see the irony in this?

Obviously not…

But this latest “woke” move could be the end of the road for the chocolate company.

Ironically, Hershey’s almost went down with the ship once before. Milton Hershey was actually booked on the Titanic with his wife, but they never boarded the ill-fated ship.

But now, 110 years later, Hershey’s company is facing another “tanking.” The S.S. Woke is about to drag them down to the bottom of the sea, thanks to this new nightmarish “transgender” ad.

The extra dose of irony, is that they put a man on the chocolate bar to celebrate “International Women’s Day.”

Good lord…


The backlash has ben swift and fierce. Here’s what people are saying online:

“That’s it. I am done. No more Hershey for our family. ” 

“I refuse to support this nonsense. I will just stop buying the product.” 

“There’s plenty of other chocolate out there. I will find one that doesn’t preach left-wing garbage at me” 

“I was surprised at how little I miss certain products & how easy it was stop patronizing bizs/purchasing goods, once I see them endorse/promote this madness. You’d think not insulting the biggest retail target demo would be like rule 1. Anyway, Hershey’s too will not be missed.”

And it’s not just the transgender issue plaguing Hershey’s. They’re also accused of using “slave labor” to gather cocoa.

The Omni Report:

Well, in the many, many years since his death, the Hershey Company has succumbed to modern business practices. Meaning, that the cocoa itself is outsourced to “improved supply-chain efficiencies.” Mainly, the source of the Hershey cocoa now is West Africa and the famed Ivory Coast. A romantic sounding name for a fucking hell-hole where children by the hundreds of thousands are sold into slavery and are beaten, whipped and forced into hard labor on cocoa farms every single day. Children whose bodies are covered in scars and bent crooked from all the physical labor. Half-starved children who will never run in sunshiny grass fields enjoying a piece of chocolate candy.

The CEO of Hershey takes in an annual salary of over $8 million. Just salary, Not bonuses, incentives, stock options and what-have-you. The children on the cocoa farms get nothing. The parents that sold them there probably got a one time only pathetic stipend for the sale of their child.

In fact, all of this is very well known and documented. Hershey Company refuses to comment or change practices, other than issue a pathetic corporate doctrine entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility Report.” Gee, wow. We’re impressed. You paid spin doctors to write up some bullshitty corporate spiel while children are dying on your farms the entire time and currently continue to do so.

As a matter of fact, Mars, Nestlé and Hershey are all facing child slavery lawsuit in the US brought on by former child workers in the Ivory Coast, as reported in this 2021 article.

The Guardian:

Eight children who claim they were used as slave labour on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast have launched legal action against the world’s biggest chocolate companies. They accuse the corporations of aiding and abetting the illegal enslavement of “thousands” of children on cocoa farms in their supply chains.

Nestlé, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, Mars, Olam, Hershey and Mondelēz have been named as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Washington DC by the human rights firm International Rights Advocates (IRA), on behalf of eight former child slaves who say they were forced to work without pay on cocoa plantations in the west African country.

The plaintiffs, all of whom are originally from Mali and are now young adults, are seeking damages for forced labour and further compensation for unjust enrichment, negligent supervision and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Looks like there’s more than one good reason to find a new chocolate bar. Slave labor and tyranny’s should be enough to make many Americans say, “No thank you” to Hershey.


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