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El Salvador President Nayib Bukele recently unveiled his new blueprint for ending the gang violence that has plagued his country.

Part of his comprehensive plan to end “gang rule” is to imprison violent offenders in his new state-of-the-art prison, that will hold a staggering 40 thousand bad guys.

As you can imagine, the good people of El Salvador are thrilled with this plan, and hail Bukele a hero – a term he humbly shies away from.

However, his government has received criticism from Western country’s and the usual “left-wing” humanitarian watchdog groups.

Some groups are making him out to be a “madman,” and acting as if this prison is some sort of “ego-project” for a tyrant. Others are even suggesting that he is purposely imprisoning innocent people with his “emergency” crackdown on terror.

“This new mega prison is a symbol of Bukele’s mad security policies,” declared Juan Pappier, the acting deputy director for the Americas at Human Rights Watch.

The mega-prison was designed to primarily house MS-13 gang members and other bloodthirsty domestic terrorists like Barrio 18.

As of now, thousands of bad guys have been transferred to the prison, which is ominously called “The Center for the Confinement of Terrorism.”

Bukele responded to the “western criticism” by throwing a deadly dagger at the United States.. He called out the Biden Regime for imprisoning “innocent Americans,” while his own government is busy locking up real criminals.


Bukele was clearly referencing the January 6th political prisoners who are still rotting away in jail over one year later, even after newly released  footage completely changes the narrative.

Talk about “humanitarian” issues, right?

Here’s what Bukeke said in his fiery tweet:

“The United States Government is putting PROVEN INNOCENTS in jail and is, at the same time, concerned about us putting PROVEN CRIMINALS in jail ”

He’s absolutely right. Sadly, America is under progressive-communist rule, where criminals are treated with kid-gloves and political dissidents are utterly destroyed.

America is now sinking under a tsunami of crime and debauchery, with no end in site, thanks to dangerous progressive policies like, “Defund the Police” and “bail reform.”

Meanwhile, Bukele is enjoying a 90 percent approval rating, thanks to his crime-fighting efforts, and Joe Biden is holding steady at a miserable 38 percent (it’s probably even lower), as crime in the US soars, and innocent Americans rot in jail for supporting President Trump.


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