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There have been a lot of heroic forces working to expose the truth about what happened on January 6th, 2021 inside and outside of the US Capitol. One of those key forces is Revolver’s own Darren Beattie. He blew the lid off the left and FBI’ narrative that J6 was a “MAGA insurrection.” Darren exposed controversial characters like Ray Epps, and shined a bright light on the infamous pipe bomber, who, mysteriously, has never been identified, even though he’s on camera more often than Tom Cruise in a summer blockbuster.

So, as January 6th takes center stage once again, thanks to 40+thousand hours of never-before-seen footage that McCarthy turned over to Tucker Carlson, Darren is sharing his infinite wisdom and insight on what he hopes Tucker’s investigation will reveal.

Darren appeared on Benny Johnson’s podcast, where he said he hopes to see some clear, high-resolution footage of the suspicious characters who were involved in J6, but who’ve yet to be identified.

Yes, like “Scaffold Commander…”

Darren actually discussed the mysterious “Scaffold Commander” during a recent appearance on on Real America’s Voice:

Aside from identifying J6 mystery men, Darren discussed other interesting ideas regarding the 4o+ thousand hours of footage with Benny (timestamped at 44:50):

Let’s hope Darren’s wishes come true. It would be great to have footage that not only backs up our narrative, but also advances it as well.

If you’d like to read the amazing work Darren and his investigative team have done on January 6th, you can find the essential library of work here.


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