In a remarkable new development in the Doug Mackey “meme trial,” Mackey’s lawyers are calling for a mistrial on the basis of the government failing to disclose potentially exculpatory information to Mackey, as they are required by law under Brady v Maryland.

Mackey’s attorney wrote a letter that suggests the exculpatory information pertains to DOJ interviews with Hillary campaign staffers that were made available to Mackey’s defense mid trial.

Under so-called “Brady disclosure” the government is legally required to disclose evidence or information that would help prove the innocence of the defendant or call into question the credibility of a government witness. Ironically, this concept came up in another context in which a Biden judicial nominee came up clueless when asked by a republican senator if he knew what a Brady motion was.

Whether or not Biden’s DOJ knows about the existence of the Brady rule, they sure act like they don’t. Stay tuned for more important developments in Doug Mackey’s “meme trial.”

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